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Denver Public Art

Over 25 years ago Denver signed the Public Art Ordinance which mandates that art be incorporated into every city project with a budget of over $1 million. The law requires that one percent of the budget be set aside to make the project beautiful, not just utilitarian. The style, art and aesthetics of the projects themselves are all taken into account from the very first moment of design.

Public Art Around Denver

The World Is Raw

Mary Carter Greenway Trail

        The Denver metro area is connected with a vast network of paved bike and pedestrian trails. Mary Carter Greenway connects the city of Littleton and Chatfield State Park by following the South Platte River from Chatfield Lake up to Bear Creek where it becomes the South Platte River Trail and continues into downtown

Photos from Mary Carter Greenway Trail

The World Is Raw

Five Years In La Mesa, CA

Five of the eight years I spent in San Diego I was living in an eastern suburb called, La Mesa. It was a great place to live even though it got really hot in the summer time. It would get so hot that I would sleep on the floor in front of my front door with a fan blowing right on my head. I was feeling nostalgic so I wrote up a post and found some unpublished photos from my time there.

Remembering La Mesa

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Coronado Then And Now

        I spent a lot of time on Coronado during my final 3 years in San Diego. I have lots of photos that cover that time frame, so I was able to document some of the changes that happened while I was there. Most notably was the reopening of the island's movie theater.

The Changes Of Coronado