SDKA Go-Kart Racing @ Qualcomm Stadium August 31, 2009

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SDKA Go Kart Racing San Diego, CA Qualcomm Stadium

The Grit Of The Race Transfers To The Grain Of The Film

    Old Town was the target, but without looking I shot Qualcomm Stadium right in the face.  The general atmosphere around San Diego was 101F, so all the earlier predictions of snowball fights by dinner had been handily dismissed.  These men, members of SDKA battled over scorching pavement and even hotter internal combustion engines.

SDKA Go Kart Racing San Diego, CA Qualcomm Stadium

A Wasp Displaying Full Mating Colors

    These creatures, boldly painted in colors of BAM and WOW grabbed pavement like American Congressmen grab ass. The San Diego Karting Assossiation (SDKA) do what they do because they love to do it, and they do it for free. They dared any mortal man to stop them, but the only mortal man present was me, and I was busy doing other things.  These 2-stroke warriors were definitely in charge.

SDKA Go Kart Racing San Diego, CA Qualcomm Stadium

Who Do You Think Will Win?

    Kart racing is a cross between racing a real car and pushing a grocery cart, with the obvious exclusion of the groceries.  With a gap between them slimmer than Sunday coupons these two racers tied at the Finnish border, only to remember later that the end of the race was in America, at the FINISH LINE.  They hurried back from Northern Europe and still claimed first & second place. SDKA racers know what they are doing!

SDKA Go Kart Racing San Diego, CA Qualcomm Stadium

Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer GO!

    This is not Speed Racer, and I have no idea if this guy won or not.  Seeing them do what they do in the heat that they do it in makes it very easy to watch their cartoons, but impossible to emulate them. SDKA is very special because it bring Kart Racers from all over San Diego together.

SDKA Go Kart Racing San Diego, CA Qualcomm Stadium

And The Winner Is!

    I think this SDKA racer either won the race or was heading toward an area that was significantly cooler that his present location.

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Mostly In The Same Day. Mostly.

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Colored Spider

Spider Of Color

Film Grain Makes The Spider Purr

The first thing that happened was a spider, and it happened on film instead of a digital sensor.  Shut up!  All of you!  The grain of this photo has grit and depth.  The sacrificed detail that digital promises is cast aside by the the infinite mass that film provides.

filmperson The grain from the spider above reminded me of a photograph I took back in 1972, almost two full years before I was born.

The thing was that despite being within a few feet of the chain link fence that kept a Tyrannosaurus Rex out of the populated areas of South Bay, California, my boldly colored friend here cared ONLY about his iPhone.

Really?  In 1972 after purchasing a hat with colors like this and personally selecting bracelets for BOTH wrists, the only thing of interest is what you can find on your iPhone?

After such a realization as that, you can understand I would almost miss what happened after that.  A meal on the GFG that resulted in a rare photo-op of a food and a continent.

I swear the chicken sandwich below is real.

Australia Chicken Sandwich

Australia Was Consumed In California

        The spicy chicken sandwich is the best sandwich and use of chicken ever developed by humans on this planet. It was so random that I cooked an Australian chicken sandwich on my Foreman Grill, but I would have cooked this criminal populated continent in the oven too.

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I Chased My Cat Down A Rabbit Hole

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Green Leopard Spider

Green Lynx Spider

    Of the many things that happened while I was down there, eating was one of them.  I bring this up because I am assuming that it was something I ate while down in the rabbit hole that shrank me down to the size of an ambush spider’s prey.  The abundance of honey bees, distracted this spider just long enough for me to slide down the stem of the flower and run into the underbrush of the nearby shrubbery and flower ecosystem

A Full Spectrum Lizard

Full Spectrum Lizard

    Due to my small size, I cannot judge distance for this story at all so it it should suffice to say that to open space of coarse white cement may have been a bike path or a jumbo-jet runway, and this lizard was right in the middle of it.  My physical being was so small that the pebbles next to the lizard seemed to be the size of automobiles to me.

Dead On The Surface Of The Moon

The Thirsty Worm Gets The Burn

    I was able to hide behind the carcass  of this earthworm, which for some reason, was not in the earth because it was dead, on top of the earth.  This irony was lost on me as I sought cover behind it, while waiting for the giant chameleon death lizard to lumber away from my present location.

Pegasus If Zeus Was Tool

I managed to make my way to a cut   lumber pile that was teeming with flight capable life forms.

This fly, with a bright iridescent racing green skin gave me a ride to a witch doctor that said she would make me regular size.

I suppose that’s all I ever wanted.

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Slow Shutter Sunset Photography From A Moving Car

August 16, 2009 by ·  

Afghanistan Sunset

Agfa Optima 400 Film Grain

When you have an inferno sunset boiling the Pacific Ocean before your very eyes, metal, plastic and glass are pointed, a shutter is released and photons from the sun strike your film.

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Crab In La Jolla Tidal Pools

August 10, 2009 by ·  

Sunlit Crab

Colored But Not Forgotten

This tidal pool crab, brightly colored and lit on his face, but with hind-quarters drenched in shadows, demonstrates one of the many quagmires of photography;  Whether or not to push the pixels in the digital darkroom.  You know the darkened, rear parts of this crustacean’s body are there, but you just can’t quite see them.  Do I make this a perfect image by pulling out those details?  Nope, not this time.  Just look at the colors on the face and claws of this sea creature! Who cares about these particular shadows anyway?

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Photography At Night

August 9, 2009 by ·  

Lights On South Bay

Simple Bold Colors

        Near the dinosaur cage, is the Southern end of San Diego’s Bay, the proverbial end of the line. The water goes no further than this point here. In the photo above, you are looking due South, seeing light reflected from the Southern most bit of water contained by the land of the bay. To your right is the relentless Pacific Ocean and to your left is Imperial Beach.

Reflected Lights

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Fire & Blacklight Photography @ Technomania Circus

August 2, 2009 by ·  

Technomania Circus

Everyone Is Welcome At Technomania Circus!

        The Blacklight & Fire Show @ Technomania Circus is the natural result of our high-tech and brightly lit world. Welding masks hide the faces of musicians playing fire dancing instruments; a beautiful woman tames reluctant flames, men breath fire as if they were dragons from thousand year old European lore. Leave planet Earth on an interstellar chase through a galaxy of bold colors and infinite black with the 3D optical illusions of blacklight.

Technomania Circus

Kidnapping, Magic, Galactic Travel & Dancing Reunions

Fire Breathing Dragons at Technomania Circus

All are welcome, with 21 & up encouraged.

Arrive 30 minutes early and you can sit anywhere you want.

If you bring snacks, reusable containers are better than foil & plastic bags.

Take the trolley to 25th & Commercial – It’s a piece of cake, don’t be scared.

Bottled water is free and the bathroom would make Louie XIV jealous.

The more you cheer, the better the show.

Instruments Of Fire - Technomania Circus

These Fire Gods Make Their Creations Sing & Dance

        The metal strings, brass buttons, horsehair strung bows and hide covered drums we know as the only way to make music are volcanically replaced with fire and gas by these blind, carbon based beings.  They are obviously minions from the center of a superheated star, with fire itself ready to leap at the flick of a wrist.

Fire Show! - Technomania Circus

This Is The Fire Show!

        Believe it or not, you don’t need a tripod because the fire gives you arches of instant, one of a kind light, so bring a camera because every shot is gold!  Fire, an element, a realm of the gods, a WEAPON of the gods is flung before your very eyes and then recalled and made to dance.  It is an unbelievable site to watch fire as a slave to a flesh & blood mortal.

Lots Of Digital Noise - Technomania Circus You have got to see the music filled world of the Techno-Gods and their amazingly colored world.

Find out what is going on with Technomania Circus for yourself.

Just walk around to the back.  Go ahead!

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