The Loss Of Shape And Form

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San Diego Photography Is Dying

When Life Becomes A Palindrome

        My goal today was to snap 680 digital images, which would fill up my SD card. Simple math says that if I shot 1 frame each second I would be done in just over 11 minutes, but simple reality said instead that it would take most of the day. How can it be that after attending 3 events in the San Diego area that I have exactly nothing to show for it? Those in the know will understand this next, paraphrased line, “You ain’t leadin’ but two things, right now: Jack and shit… and Jack left town.”

The Peak Of An Empire Is Measured By The Inevitable Decline

        I think I do better when I don’t try. This happens for no reason in particular, it just is what it is. Of course I might be wrong but what difference would that really make?

The Best Photography In San Diego

Announcing Your Plans Is A Great Way To Hear God Laugh

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San Diego Trolley Police Were Wrong

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Trolley Police Have No Right To Prohibit Photography

        The proof is in the pudding. The video above was broadcast on Friday, September 18th, 2009 on San Diego’s local NBC News affiliate 7/39 at 11pm. What more can I say other than this is a very distinct victory for photographers’ rights. We are allowed to shoot video or take pictures at trolley stations, and San Diego Trolley police have NO RIGHT to ask or make a photographer stop.

        The entire statement, made by Ken Moller of Heritage Security Services is as follows:

“We have no right to tell people they can’t shoot (video) down there. My officers were wrong in telling him that. And I put the word out as soon as I saw the video. It’s a public place and people can certainly shoot video down there if they want to.”

        So there you have it. Here is what I have learned from this experience. If an authority figure challenges you while taking photos or shooting video, be polite. Ask them if you are violating any law, and KEEP ROLLING during the transaction. As a photographer, I hate to say it, but this would not have made the evening news if I wasn’t shooting video, so make sure to switch to video mode as soon as you see an authority figure approaching you.

        Now we know why video mode is important to us photographers… Not to add a bullet to your wedding photography resume, but rather to protect yourself and to show in HD quality just how your rights are being violated.

        Below you will find the video that started it all, and above will you find the video that decided it all.

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Cannon Battle In San Diego Bay *yawn*

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Cannon Battle On San Diego Bay

San Diego Bay As Seen From Harbor Island

        Not every fracas is a victory, chief. Watching a boatload of tourists fire invisible cannonballs at each other is not as exciting as it may sound. It was one of those 3 hours of boredom followed by 10 seconds of nothing situations, and I uh… I got nothing.

Don’t Blink Or You Will Miss The Action

        I just don’t know what to say, which is ironic considering this is a blog post which would imply that I have something to say.

Cannon Battle In San Diego Bay

No Collisions & No One Fell Overboard

        I suppose it’s the movies that have spoiled me but God damn, there was just NO excitement at all. At least in the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride at Disneyland the water splashes where the cannonballs hit and there is a soundtrack to add a sense of drama. This was just boats and puffs of smoke… Sorry, I just nodded off while typing about it.

Cannon Battle On San Diego Bay

Damn The Fake Cannonballs, Full Speed Ahead!

        My dilemma now is this: Do I pay $65 next weekend to be on one of these boats, and see if that particular vantage offers up better photo opportunities or do I just sleep in instead?

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Denver Watches Over San Diego

September 16, 2009 by ·  

Acid Art

Animals Come In All Shapes & Colors

        My friends in Denver watch over my friends in San Diego, even though San Diego has no idea.

        An octopus may have eight arms and an anaconda might stretch from a third floor window to the ground, but Denver holds them both in the palm of his hand.  Denver was able to cure cancer in China, providing love, joy and happiness to 278 souls that had previously known only fear and evil.  Had I accompanied Denver on that Celestial journey that number would have been elevated to 428.  I just found this out.  I have just now been made aware of those actual numbers.

        Oh what a difference a day makes.

Kill Or Bee Killed

Kill Or Bee Killed

        My friends in San Diego are more powerful than Denver, but without any sort of direction, will never change the world.  It’s taken almost five years for me to realize that I can enable San Diego to change the world, and that San Diego can enable me to do the same.

Fig Beetle

One Day I’m Going To Change The World

        One day, everyone will know who I am.  One day my life story will be required reading in American history and with any luck it will be a part of the curriculum that students will look forward to learning.

Pelican Family

Can You Guess Which One Is Me?

        I love the Celestial Calendar and every other bit of bullshit that has to do with the stars.  I also leave bullshit on the ground whenever I see see it.  I don’t like bullshit because it smells like shit and if I handle it my hands will smell like shit.  That is why “water off a duck” is so apt for me.  Bullshit does not hinder me because I walk right past it, without breaking stride. Bullshit rolls off me, just like water off a duck.  My fresh smelling hands are my proof.

Chinese Zodiac Tiger

The Celestial Zodiac Has Nothing On A Tiger

        Until San Diego learns to walk past bullshit, instead of smearing it all over it’s body and flinging it about the room, Denver will remain at an appropriate remove so as not to have to see or smell beautiful women wallowing in shit.

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Technomania Circus On Video

September 8, 2009 by ·  

The Jealous Fire & A Beautiful Woman

Beauty & Danger At Technomania Circus

Technomania Circus is also host to music acts that range from normal guys with guitars to to men in full-on welding rigs that use fire and brimstone as their instruments. The video at the top as one of those, the video below is somewhat more traditional.

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San Diego Trolley Police Prohibit Photography

September 7, 2009 by ·  

          It would seem that San Diego Trolley Police need a few lessons in local law. The man on the ground, was smoking in the 12th & Imperial Transit Center in San Diego, CA. This happened on September 5th, 2009 at 8:20pm. Assuming that what you see the San Diego Trolley Transit Police doing is legal and assuming the transit police are keeping other public commuters safe, there should be no issue with photography taking place. If a protector of the public, whose salary is drawn from the taxes of the public is also prohibiting the public from LEGAL activities, then San Diego trolley police are breaking the law. Heritage Security has a 5 year, $25 million with San Diego which was signed in January, 2006. The hierarchy seems to be: Unarmed trolley officer, armed trolley officer, armed supervisor, armed lieutenant and armed captain. If I read the contract correctly, unarmed San Diego trolley police officers receive a 2.5% annual pay increase, while armed trolley police officers receive a 3.5% annual pay increase. There are also small pay increases every 6 months, assuming performance is satisfactory. As San Diego trolley police have constant interaction with the public, why do they prohibit photography of themselves if they are performing their job in a satisfactory manner? The contract makes no mention of a photography ban nor does it state what qualifies satisfactory performance versus unsatisfactory performance.

Some highlights from the video above are:

1) For the first 40 seconds or so, the man on the ground makes numerous requests for the officer closest to me to get his knee off of his head, and specifically, his scar which was obtained during a recent surgery to remove cancer.
2) At the 15 second mark, a female officer crosses the Trolley tracks and says, “Get away with that camera!” I can be heard to ask, “How far?” The San Diego Trolley Police Officer says, “You’re not allowed to take pictures.”
3) At the two minute mark, right after a bus passes between me and the officers and their handcuffed smoker, the same female officer from before (now on the left side of the screen) looks at me, walks to her colleagues as says something. A second later three officers turn around and look right at me. The female officer points at me, which causes a one of her own to approach me for the ensuing challenge.

        UPDATE! Read my follow-up post here. My video is featured on NBC 7/39 San Diego News. Watch my interview and read a statement made by Heritage Security regarding the situation. Suffice to say that photography at San Diego Trolley Stations is in fact 100% LEGAL!

Moving Trolley

Trolley Stations Are Public Property

          Photography is not illegal. You’ll hear me say that a half dozen times or so in the video, as well as asking if I am in violation of any law. Two of the San Diego Trolley Cops told me I was not allowed to take pictures. Interesting. We public commuters can look at them, show them our tickets, obey orders given by them, be tackled to the ground by them and placed, in handcuffs inside SUV’s with dark tinted windows, BUT WE CAN NOT PHOTOGRAPH THEM DOING ANY OF IT! Or so they say, at least in this video.

          San Diego trolley police officers that don’t want pictures taken of them while they do their job are out of luck. If they are captured on film while tackling some one to the ground, why would photography be prohibited unless they were doing something illegal? I have emailed Heritage Security asking this question but got no reply. I would appeal to visit the contact page of Heritage Security and ask them. On that page you will find and email link with text that says [email protected], but when you hover over the link it says the email is [email protected] I hope their trolley police officer selection process is not as disorganized as their website.

San Diego Trolley Police 12th & Imperial Transit Center

A Transit Station At Night Can Be Scary Enough on It’s Own

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An Interrupting Cow Goes Emoo!

September 4, 2009 by ·  

Stock Things

Even If You Always Trade, This Means Nothing To You

About 15 minutes before the Dot-Com bubble was going to burst, just before the turn of the millennium, I decided to begin investing in the equities market.  About 15 minutes AFTER the bubble had burst I realized that I did not have enough education to be an effective investor.  It was time to listen.  It was not time to talk or think or to or to play point & counterpoint with investors smarter AND more successful than me.  It was time to LISTEN!  The talking, thinking and hypothesizing were to come AFTER those more successful than me were finished talking.

Common courtesy aside, if I didn’t hear everything they said, I would not be able to do what they did.

Some Americans feel so entitled that they would rather start talking, just because they want to say what they know, instead of patiently waiting to find out if an entitlement is even necessary.  Those that are about the same age as the internet seem to think that just because the world wide web can produce instant analysis in a consequence-free environment that they can stand face with another human being and do the same thing.  They like to roll their eyes, exhale loudly, drum their fingers and irritably tap their feet.

Ask them what their problem is and they’ll say, “Nothing.”

When you read their blog later that night though, it will be an entire scenario of what they WISH would have happened.

An Incomplete Chart

An Incomplete Sentence Is Like Incomplete Data

Only a fool would think he or she has the prophetic ability to not only guess the final half of someone else’s statement, but also to assimilate it, formulate something in their head and then express it vocally before the original statement has been completely uttered.  If one had the ability to do that, they should also have the ability to foresee elections, horse races and winning lottery numbers.  Interrupting Cows do not have those extra abilities, they only have the ability to guess the final handful of words in a sentence spoken to them.  They do not have the ability to LISTEN to the last handful of words spoken to them.  I have tried to ask them why they don’t wait for a statement to be completed before speaking themselves, but I only got as far as, “Why don’t you…”

If you want to see an Interrupting Cow jump, talk to them about something they know next to nothing about, while they are sitting in front of a computer connected to the internet.  They will do ANYTHING to show you that ten seconds of internet reading equals ten years of actual lifetime experience.  For an even bigger laugh, try to say this sentence to the Interrupting Cow, “You can’t read something on the internet for ten seconds and hold a conversation with me on a level of my ten years of experience.” You will only get as far as, “You can’t read something on the internet…”  At that point the interrupting cow will interrupt you to tell you that they are offended that you have implied they don’t know how to read.  Since they interrupted, they’ll never realize that what you had to say has nothing to do with literacy, but lifetime experience in the real world.  So you end the conversation, attempting to explain that you were not done speaking so they have a skewed idea of what you were TRYING to say.  But an Interrupting Cow is never wrong, and has COMPLETE BLIND FAITH in their prophetic abilities, so you get interrupted again, while trying to explain that they should just listen, rather than interrupting.

The Interrupting Cow can not accept this and will say that you are trying to hold a conversation on YOUR terms!  There is nothing funnier than watching an Interrupting Cow pout, stomp and sputter around because by ending a conversation, you will have taken away their power of interruption.  What is an Interrupting Cow to do if it is not allowed to interrupt?


A Vicious Circle Of Incomplete Information Is An Interrupting Cow

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