Zombie Show 2011 At Technomania Circus

October 17, 2011 by ·  


Victory Theater Zombies!

    May I proudly present to you, direct from the Victory Theater, my friends at Technomania Circus presenting – The Zombie Show! They have a new, grand Victory Theater at 2558 Imperial Ave. and it is perfect for what they do. What they did on this occasion was entertain us for a couple hours as Zombies, wrapping up the music and laughter filled evening with The Zombie Rapture. Besides the show and their gorgeous new theater being awesome, it was just flat out great to see the whole gang again. How ironic that it would be a theater full of Zombies that helped to bring me and the blog back into the world of the living!


Dr. Techno & Zombie Springer

    Dr. Techno and the troupe will soar to new heights at this new theater; I have no doubt about that. It is huge with seating for about 200 people, men’s and women’s bathrooms, a snack bar a store and a full on lighting & sound system.


Zombie Food – Crickets and Worms

    The shows at Technomania Circus are interactive and sometimes include complimentary snacks such as bacon, cookies or candy. This show included crickets and worms. I tried the crickets, which tasted like seasoned popcorn that had antenna.


Zombie Hospital

    A zombie hospital is not a place where zombies are treated for their injuries and released. No, a zombie hospital is a place where zombies treat the living, usually until they die from it. Above an audience member is about to have some vital and not so vital organs removed by a zombie doctor.


Zombie Paul Moeller

    Paul Moeller and his lovely wife, Mary have become good friends over the last couple years and it’s always a treat to see what they have come up with since I talked to them last. As you can see, Paul has recently become a zombie, wearing his brains in the very zombie-chic style of, outside the head.


The Cast Of Technomania Circus After The Zombie Show

    During the month of October, there are Haunted Tours through the Victory Theater where you can see Satan & his imps at work, visit an alien gravesite, design your own grave and even have a mock funeral so be sure to check out Technomania Circus’s website for all the gory details. Next month they are having a Vaudeville show and next week DangerHouse Productions will be presenting, Fear Beautiful Fear at the theater, so head down there and show your support for San Diego’s only performing circus. Cheers!

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How To Solve The Case Of Rebecca Zahau

October 5, 2011 by ·  


In Front Of Coronado Spreckels Mansion

    Some amateur crime solvers at WebSleuths.com referenced my blog post, photos & video taken at Coronado Spreckels Mansion on the morning of Rebecca Zahau’s death. They are also using my timing on the scene to help themselves along with their theories, so I’m posting some new photos to help them and everyone else formulate answers to any questions about how and why Rebecca Zahau died. Above is my first shot of the morning, taken at 11:34am on July 13, 2011.


Law Enforcement On The Scene Of Rebecca Zahau’s Death

    Less than a minute later I shot the photo above. The man & boy with bicycles are off frame to the right. The front door of the mansion is wide open at this point, which prompted me to shift to my left to get a look inside Spreckels Mansion.


San Diego Sheriff & Coronado Police In Front Of Spreckels Mansion

    From here you can see the white banister for the grand staircase. This is the same banister that Max Shaknai fell from 2 days before.


Civilians Inside Spreckels Mansion Police Tape?

    At 11:40am, I snapped the photo above. I don’t know who the kid or the man in the grey polo shirt are, but the man seemed to have a bit of sway with the police. It also seemed like they may have been interested in the puddle on the curb.


What’s In The Puddle?

    The same photo, cropped to show how the man in grey and the police seemed to be interested in the puddle, or perhaps the pieces of paper in the puddle. They lady detective in the center watched from afar, preferring to gaze into my lens instead.

    So there you have it, that’s what was going on at 1043 Ocean Blvd during the first 5 minutes of my arrival on the morning Rebecca Zahau died. I have a murder by suicide theory because I believe she committed the physical part of suicide, but I also believe she was under duress when she did it. I think someone murdered her by forcing her to commit suicide.

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