Coronado Then and Now

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Coronado Village Theater Under Construction 2010

Coronado Village Theater – December 2010

    Three years ago I was on a bus that took me through Coronado and over the Coronado Bridge. I took a couple photos on that trip that are already turning into a neat little time capsule, even after such a short amount of time. First, while on Orange Avenue I passed by the old Coronado Village Theater and saw that it was being renovated. It used to be that whenever I would look at old photos showing what a skyline looked like 100 years ago or an iconic local landmark under construction I would think about how fortunate the photographer was to have been around such a long time ago to photograph history being made. I didn’t yet realize that history was happening all the time, all around me. Every photo I take will one day be old and all the intentional compositions and accidental objects in the background of all those photos will show just how lucky I was to be there at that particular time. A little research told me the theater would open in six months so I returned to take photos of that event, one of which is the last photo in this post.

Carnival Splendor Cruise Ship And Coronado Bridge

Carnival Cruise Ship “Splendor” Under Coronado Bridge

    The bus wound through Coronado and came to cross the Coronado Bridge. On the way over, I had a great view of B Street Pier and the Carnival Splendor cruise ship as it sat disabled due to an engine room fire. Cruise ships do not normally dock here so it was very huge and conspicuous.

Coronado Village Theater June 2011

Coronado Village Theater – June 2011

    The photo above was taken six months later, in June 2011. I included it here so you can see what a difference six months makes. Three years have passed since I took these photos; where does the time go? Below is the video I shot during the grand opening of the theater. Cheers, my old friends!

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Chee Chee Club in San Diego

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Chee Chee Bar In San Diego

Chee Chee In Downtown San Diego

    When I lived in San Diego, I walked past Chee Chee Club hundreds of times. Besides the walking, there is a bus stop next to it so I did my fair share of waiting in front of the club as well. For years, every time I was within sight of the place I wanted that to be the time I would finally go inside and have a drink. That day never came and now that I have moved away from San Diego, it is possible that it never will. At night the pink neon sign lights up an area of the sidewalk on the corner on 9th and Broadway and I always thought that would make for a great photo but I never did that either. I guess I took it for granted that I was living in San Diego and that I would always have time to take more photos and visit a specific bar.

    Anyway, the photo above is my only photo of the front so I hope you already see what the moral of this story is. Take photos of everything, all the time. You never know when you might be looking at something for the last time and all of a sudden something you saw everyday on your morning commute becomes something you can only see if you travel. Don’t let hesitation turn something you want to photograph into a Chee Chee, like it did for me. Cheers!

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