Super Hero Day at Planet Sub

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Captain Kansas City Jumps Through Money At Planet Sub

Super Heroes At Planet Sub

    Planet Sub has a sandwich that’s called, “Super Hero.” It has capicola, pepperoni, salami and provolone cheese that is all heated up and then it gets banana peppers, red onions, oregano and oil and vinegar on the cold side. It is the most Italian offering we have and people from the east coast in particular love that sandwich. I bring this up because Planet Sub in Denver recently had a super hero promotion that had employees and customers alike dressed as super heroes and having a little more fun than usual.

Batman bangs Batman at Planet Sub

Batman On Batman

    The deal was, dress up as a super hero or villain and get a free super hero sandwich. Think about that, this was an event where cosplaying and eating a sandwich are what you had to do. It was a lot of fun so the next time you hear about Planet Sub holding a promotional event like this you should attend.

Rob Hurlbut At Planet Sub

Me As The Flash

    If you came to the shop that day and your sandwich was given to you by The Flash then by golly that was me.

Captain Kansas City And Batman

Captain Kansas City And Batman

    We like to have fun and get into the spirit of things at the shop so an excuse to wear a costume means it will be a fun day at work. I’m from Denver but the Planet Sub franchise and most of my coworkers are from Kansas City, hence the Captain Kansas City costume. He is the patron saint of the Denver Broncos and his super power is geolocation; he knows where Peyton Manning is at any given time.

Planet Sub Boy Wonder And Batman

Batman And Boy Wonder

    The photo above answers the question, “How do you make a super hero?”

Planet Sub Super Heroes

The Super Heroes Of Planet Sub Denver

    With or without a costume, you should come down to Planet Sub for a sandwich and to say hi to me. It’s at 16th St. and California right in the middle of the 16th Street Mall. The shop is open at 7 for breakfast during the week and 10 for lunch on the weekends. Cheers!

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