A Spider in the Yard

August 2, 2014 by  

spider and web on white pipe

A Spider Spins A Web

     I’ve spent a lot of time in the yard this summer, planting lots of trees and doing general chores to help the place look like a lush and private paradise. I like getting back to and becoming one with nature so even though it’s hard work that entails digging holes and schlepping rocks, I enjoy it. Three months into this project I have reached a point where I’m spending more time looking at what I’ve done and less time on the physical labor aspect; I’ve planted more than 40 trees, 60 shrubs and vines and hundreds of flowers. Everything is growing nicely so every day it gets a little easier to visualize what the yard will look like in a couple years and how much people will enjoy it.

spider and tall web

A Skyscraper Spiderweb

    The insect and arachnid population of the yard is already reaping the benefits. The impetus for this post came from a spider that spun an interesting looking web. This little guy or gal lives in a small piece of white PVC pipe and spun itself a skyscraper web connecting to a purple leafed plant.

spider on white pipe


    Now that I’ve mentioned my planting project, I suppose you’re wondering where the photos are. Surely I’m documenting the entire process from seed to tree right? Nope. I mean, I am taking pictures of the process but they are not for public consumption. I’m afraid that all of you, my loyal readers will have to wait until the stuff I’ve planted has reached an appreciable diameter and climbed to a dignified height. They’ll get there, just be patient.


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