Amaryllis Rockets And Discovery Docks

April 6, 2010 by  


Amaryllis Shoots Up Like A Rocket

        Back on March 13, 2010, I planted the amaryllis bulb my parents gave me for Christmas, and it is absolutely rocketing into space now. I am using a rocket analogy right now, on this Tuesday night because in a couple hours, the space shuttle Discovery is going to dock with the International Space Station (ISS) and I will be watching it live on NASA TV. As my parents’ ward for 18 years, I moved up the California coast and up to the Mile High City as a direct result of what the space shuttle program was doing.


Amaryllis Orbits The Earth

        Tomorrow morning (April 7, 2010) will be unique for me because when I look into my San Diego sky at 5:23am, I’ll see the ISS streak across the sky, after watching the space shuttle slowly dock on NASA TV. Then I’ll go to work, but why let that ruin it? If any of you loyal readers would like to know when the ISS will be visible to you, then you should follow TWISST on twitter.


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