American Photographer Or Terrorist?

November 11, 2010 by  

What's In My Eye?

What’s In My Eye?

        You may have noticed that my last few posts have been a little… Light. What I mean is that my words have lacked substance, even though the photography for the stories has been amazing and has kept me eating steak. This post is no different, and I’ll tell you why.

        I am working on an article that will show, in plain site of god & man why agents of the United States government have come to believe that American citizen photographers, people holding nothing more than a camera in their hands are approached by said agents as possible terrorists. It’s going to be huge, and the timing is perfect. After all, the HUNDREDS OF INCIDENTS in which private security guards and actual cops have approached photographers, because the authority figure thinks the photographer might be a terrorist must stem from some sort of training or knowledge right? Well, I found the source for this lunacy, and am ass-deep in writing the article to expose it. Stay tuned!


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