Anchorage International Airport

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Fairchild Biplane In Anchorage International Airport

    The international airport in Anchorage, Alaska is a place I got to spend about 12 hours in. It’s like no other airport I’ve ever been in so, here we go; it’s an airport that houses mounted grizzly bears, vintage airplanes and many great places to eat and drink. I arrived in Anchorage via Dutch Harbor, on my way to Denver.


World Record Kodiak Grizzly Bear

    The full title of this airport is Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport and it happens to house the largest Kodiak grizzly bear ever killed by a human being. This kind of record is not governed by the weight or height of the animal; it has to do with the length and width of its skull. Anyway, back in 1997 a guy named Will Gay shot this bear and now it’s on display in the airport.


Local Art In Anchorage International Airport

    I mentioned that I spent 12 hours in this airport so I got to see the night and day difference between… Night and day. What I can only assume is a typical winter storm moved in whilst I was there so the overcast day turned into a snowy night.


The Natural Light Of Anchorage

    I had my camera but it was still a challenge to drag my luggage around AND take pictures. As it turns out, Anchorage International has a baggage storage service that worked out rather well. They stowed all my gear for about ten bucks so I was able to roam the airport without looking like some dumb ass American tourist.


Snow At The Airport

    As I mentioned before, day turned into night and it started to snow while I was in Anchorage. I’m not a scaredy cat traveler that frets over weather or maintenance of whatever vessel I happen to be traveling on. In my eyes, everything is an adventure, whether what happens is good or bad, perfect and planned or all goes horribly south, I’m in it for the journey and not the destination.


Night and Snow In Anchorage

    I eventually flew out of Anchorage without incident. The plane was de-iced and seven hours later I was in Denver. Cheers!


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