Blood Red Moon Over Denver

April 15, 2014 by  

Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon and SpicaBlood Red Moon And Spica

    Early this morning I was able to see my first full lunar eclipse. The weather in Denver cooperated by allowing crystal clear skies during the entire event. As for me, I cooperated by showing up in the cold in the middle of the night but I didn’t bring a tripod or a very long lens so it was less of a photo trip than I would have hoped for. Not turning the eclipse into a photo shoot had the remarkable effect of forcing me to just look at and appreciate the moon and stars for a few hours. The moon was in the company of the star Spica and the planet Mars. In the photo above, Spica is the bright blue point of light below and to the right of the blood red moon. Mars was just out of frame on the right. Anyway, I hope all of you lovely Colorado people got to see it because even though it’s going to happen a few more times this year, there are periods of hundreds of years when it doesn’t happen at all. Cheers!


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