Border Field State Park Has A New Fence

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The New Fence At Border Field State Park

    Border Field State Park has a new fence, new facilities and a newly un-flooded Monument Road so I biked down there to check it out. Everything is new, that is for sure. The old border fence, from out in the Pacific Ocean and continuing to the east for a quarter mile or so has been replaced with what I would call a much more people proof fence. Friendship Park, the monument, the bi-national garden, everything is now entirely on the Mexican side of the border fence. There is still a secondary fence that prevents walking up to the actual border which is where I was standing when I took the photo above. The photo below was taken in January 2011 and in it you can see what the area looked like before.

Border Field State Park Fence

Friendship Park As Seen in January 2011

    The photos above and below were originally seen in my post, “Border Field State Park” in January 2011.

Border Field State Park Fence

The Monument – Splitting The Previous Fence

    The previous fence was physically split to accommodate the monument.

friendship-park monument border-field-state-park

Friendship Park Today

    Now, the land and apparently the monument itself have been ceded back to Mexico.


International Border Meets Pacific Ocean

    Looking to the west you can see the new fence with a new top that will prevent the poles from shifting around every which way like they did before. Border Patrol agents are always around in the park and they are very friendly and helpful if you talk to them.

Border Field State Park Fence

Border Fence In January 2011

    When I made my first trip to Border Field State Park in January 2011 I tried to romanticize the trip with the photos whilst writing about actual thoughts; I found that to be very enjoyable. There is a great deal of Zen to be had in the arranging of one’s own photos and words.


The Border – United States And Baja California, Mexico

    This trip I was there to see what was new and different so the fence, the area by the beach and the fence are what drew my attention.


Horses Are Allowed At Border Field State Park

    There were twenty or so cars and a half dozen horse trailers in the park when I was there. The horses seemed to be having just as much fun as the people.

Border Field State Park Access Road

Monument Road – Flooded During 2011

    Monument Road is the road that in constantly flooded and this prevents access to the park by car most of the time. Above is the road as I encountered it back in May 2011 during my second trip to the park. The trees in the upper left of the photo are the same trees I was standing under while taking the photo below.


The View From Border Field Picnic Area

    The view of San Diego, the border and the ocean really are amazing and the facilities are all functional. I drank from the water fountain and the water tasted clean and fresh. Vehicles are permitted into the park only on weekends but bikes, horses and pedestrians are welcome 7 days a week. Cheers!

Video From Border Field State Park


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    I am glad to know more about the Border Fence. The place looks so beautiful. Could you please tell me whether it is a peaceful area to have a picnic with kids? I don't want them to be frightened by any gunshots or armed guards.

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