San Diego Trolley And Constructing The Bridge To Nowhere

March 6, 2010 by  

Grossmont Transit Station

Grossmont Transit Center – Where A Trolley Guard Was Shot In 2009

        This is where I transfer to take the green line to Old Town, and ultimately into downtown San Diego. Today, was a very strange day. I made it halfway to work and all the way around the San Diego trolley line.

Sleeping On The San Diego Trolley

Catching some Z’s On The Green Line

        I had my camera at the ready for most of the day today, which made it remarkably east to snap photos of fellow commuters.

On The San Diego Trolley

Scanning My iPod

        My camera, a Nikon D5000 has an articulated LCD, so I don’t have to bring the camera to my eye to composed photos. This makes for some shots that can be composed lower than you normally would. This pic of a fellow commuter somehow ended up sharp photo despite my accidental .4 second shutter speed. The lower than normal vantage point meant I wouldn’t have to worry about his face being partially blocked by the brim of his hat.

Homeless Digs At 12th and Imperial Trolley Station

Homeless Penthouse At 12th & Imperial

        When you are homeless, it is very hard to eek out a living, and that is why the homeless congregate in busy city centers. The densest area of people that can offer money and assistance to vagrants are in the middle of the city, so that’s where the bums go. Homeless people go where people with homes work (not live) so that’s why the downtown area of any city will have homeless, trying to improve their lot in life.

Homeless People At 12th and Imperial Trolley Station

The Homeless At 12th & Imperial

        Homelessness is a very sad thing. They form their own communities and social structure, but they have nowhere to live. I don’t know what the particular plight of this group of people is, but I hope I never have to experience it myself.

Warehouse In San Diego

A Warehouse Near 12th & Imperial Transit Station

        The textures and colors of this warehouse wall caught my eye. The ultra dark interior seems to add an air of mystery as well.

Pedestrian Bridge To Nowhere Across Harbor Drive San Diego

Build The Stairs

        These men are building stairs that will lead to a bridge that cost San Diego $26 million. I first wrote about this bridge in October of 2009, then again in December 2009. I captured a great sunset photo behind the bridge to nowhere in late January of 2010

Working On The Bridge To Nowhere In San Diego

The Bridge Over The Harbor Drive

        These guys are hard working people, and that is for sure. This image was taken a little over an hour after lunch, so these guys attacked their workload like ants attack everything.

Pedestrian Bridge To Nowhere In San Diego

Pedestrian Bridge Over Harbor Drive

        Summer of 2010 is the projected completion date for this bridge. There have been delays and cost increases, but this bridge to nowhere perseveres. This summer, guests of the Hilton Hotel will have very easy access to PETCO Park.


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  1. J Olson on February 2nd, 2011 1:48 pm

    I guess you also missed the 2.6 million sf convention center on the other end or the park and walking/running paths that run behind it that connect the embarcadero to the bridge. I'll be using the bridge often to safely cross Harbor drive to the MLK path running next to the trolley tracks as part if my running routes.

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