Bridge To Nowhere And Comic-Con 2010 Countdown

June 30, 2010 by  

San Diego pedestrian bridge over Harbor Dr.

San Diego Pedestrian Bridge To Nowhere

        It’s been about four months since my last post that featured a photo of San Diego’s pedestrian bridge to nowhere. Progress on the bridge has been slow over the last 2 years of construction, or so it seems to me. The dirty white sky is the “June gloom” of San Diego, and it is a constant in the city for most of the early summer. In the background, on the right of the photo is the San Diego Convention Center, which will host the 2010 Comic-Con in less than a month. Because I am a journalist, photographer and blogger, I have been issued a press pass for all four days of the event, plus the preview night.

San Diego pedestrian bridge over Harbor Dr.

The Top Of The Bridge To Nowhere

        Of course there are benefits to shooting during an overcast sky such as the even lighting and lack of shadows. The clouds diffuse the sun’s light, so light comes from the entire sky, not the singular point of the sun. Natural, even light from all directions really is a photographer’s wet dream.


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