Progress On San Diego’s Bridge To Nowhere

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San Diego Bridge To Nowhere In October 2010

San Diego’s Bridge To Nowhere In October 2010

        It’s been a solid 3 months since my last post and photo of San Diego’s new pedestrian bridge to nowhere, so I thought I’d do a quick post with a new photo, as well as a comparison of the progress since my first post and photo of the bridge to nowhere back in October of 2009. Above is a photo that is just a few days old and below are some pics of the bridge that I’ve taken over the last year. I very much enjoy taking photos of an event that unfolds in slow motion over a long period of time, charting progress that is too slow or imperceptible for us to normally see.

San Diego pedestrian bridge over Harbor Dr.

San Diego’s Bridge To Nowhere In June 2010

        Don’t let the cloudy skies in the photos above fool you… San Diego has great weather all year round with WAY more sun than the above photos may lead you to believe.

Bridge To Nowhere Sunset In San Diego

San Diego’s Bridge To Nowhere In January 2010

        Above we have a quintessential San Diego sunset happening right behind the bridge. San Diego has some unique geography that allows for the viewing of sunsets AND sunrises over the water. Obviously you can see the sunset if you are at the beach facing west, but from Point Loma and The Silver Strand, you can face east in the morning and see the sunrise over the water too. There are not many places you can do this. I’ve personally only been able to do this twice before, and that was in Hawaii and the southern tip of Florida.

Bridge To Nowhere, San Diego

San Diego’s Bridge To Nowhere In December 2009

        The photo above was taken just after Christmas of 2009. Note the sunny skies and the warm ambiance of the photo, and then compare it to where you live in December. San Diego is a great place to live, with 3 great seasons per year, since we skip right over winter.

San Diego Bridge To Nowhere

San Diego’s Bridge To Nowhere In October 2009

        And that’s a wrap. If you would like to read my posts over the last year with some additional photos of San Diego’s bridge to no where, click here.


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  1. steel truss bridge on May 8th, 2013 6:23 pm

    Can you please share here the latest pictures of this bridge? I just want to compare it when we last visit there.

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