Christmas at Hudson Gardens

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Hudson Gardens Purple Tree At Christmas

Hudson Gardens At Christmas

    Last night was Christmas Eve 2014 so I went to Hudson Gardens to check out their Christmas lights. After a few years photographing the lights at Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, freezing my ass off taking photos of lights in Historic Downtown Littleton and in Downtown Denver, I am a connoisseur of Christmas lights.

Hudson Gardens Christmas Lights On The Lake

Christmas Lights On The Lake

    This is the part where I ensure that Hudson Gardens will never retweet me or pay me to take photos of their place. I rode my bike along the South Platte River Trail to get there, locked it up on the west side of the gardens and then found myself unable to enter. I had a preprinted ticket in my pocket but the only way in was through the east side of the gardens, where the cars park. I wasn’t going to walk all the way around, so I just hopped the fence and went on about my business. I’m not saying you should sneak into Hudson Gardens in this manner, I’m just saying that I entered in this manner; with an $11 ticket in hand. I’m also saying that they should make their Christmas light show more bike trail accessible.

Reindeer At Hudson Gardens At Christmas

Reindeer At Hudson Gardens

    After I made my semi illegal entry into a venue I legally paid to enter, I just started taking photos. I was just being myself, making one lap with my camera in hand and then doing a second lap with my camera on a tripod. I think I may have the show Californication on the brain because it seemed to me that is was being chatted up and flirted with by more than one woman whilst I was trying to do my business of taking photos.

Christmas Trees At Hudson Gardens

Christmas Trees At Hudson Gardens

    Before I get ahead of myself by saying that I was recognized from my website let me say one thing; I was recognized by people that know me from my website. That doesn’t happen all the time; usually it’s only colleagues that recognize me when I’m covering a convention or an event. On this night I was just walking around taking photos, trying to keep my hands from sticking to my aluminum tripod in the freezing cold so it was neat to be recognized by a few people.

Christmas Lake At Hudson Gardens

The Lake At Hudson Gardens

    After consorting with my fans and posing for a few pictures I turned my attention back to the lights and my freezing hands. My particular style of photography is very tactile; I need to be able to feel buttons and turn dials in an uninhibited way so I never wear gloves whilst shooting. This was much easier to do when I was living on the beach in San Diego.

Santa at Hudson Gardens At Christmas

Santa At Hudson Gardens

    Anyway, I did a few laps and then headed home. As I write this, I’m enjoying Christmas Day with my family, waiting for an epic storm that will give Denver a white Christmas. It should be a blast. Cheers!


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  1. Heidi on December 29th, 2014 9:40 am

    Dear Robert, Your pictures are great and glad you enjoyed the show. Thanks for buying a ticket, but wish you wouldn’t have boasted about entering illegally. We’re a non-profit, and we get funded by how many people buy tickets and come through the front door as counted guests. Even though ‘it’s easy’ to get in, we ask that visitors don’t do that for safety as well as to discourage vandalism. As an organization that is dedicated to serving the public, it helps us when visitors respect the set up we have so that we can continue to provide these types of events. We build the show based on trust and encourage people to do the right thing. Entry to the gardens is free during the day, and we do special events with a charge to keep this option open. The show will eventually be bike-path accessible, but only with proper funding from our donors and economic development through the city of Littleton. We respect photographers, love them and even hire them to cover our place. We hope you continue to visit and respect us too!

    Best Regards,
    Heidi Resetarits
    Marketing and Communications Manager
    Hudson Gardens and Event Center

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