The Day I Met Chuck Yeager & Duncan L. Hunter

December 19, 2010 by  

Duncan L. Hunter Book-signing

Congressman Duncan L. Hunter, Author, Victory in Iraq: How America Won

        Over the last couple months I have been bringing books, two sackfuls at a time to Maxwell’s House Of Books in exchange for store credit. So far, my schlepping of about 70 books has yielded a credit of $38. Yesterday I gobbled up twenty of it so I could own a copy of Duncan L. Hunter‘s new book, Victory In Iraq: How America Won. Why? Because that’s a great title and because Hunter was going to be in La Mesa, at Maxwell’s signing copies. The photo above shows Hunter signing my actual book. After he signed it we chatted for a minute or two and then I was going to be more or less on my way.

Duncan L. Hunter Book-signing

Congressman Hunter Laughs With The People

        I scanned book titles as I slowly walked towards the door when a woman noticed my camera, which lead to a brief conversation that ended with her saying what a great photo op this is since the congressman and Chuck Yeager are here. “Yeah, it sure is,” I replied. “We’re very lucky to have… Wait. What?!?”

Chuck Yeager And Me

Photo By Ken Stone -

        Chuck Yeager, the first human being on the planet to travel faster than the speed of sound, the most famous aviator in the world for over 60 years is in this bookstore right now? What? Turns out, Chuck Yeager and Duncan L. Hunter are old friends so General Yeager just came down to the signing to show his support. Now that is really something and was the icing on the cake for a great day for me because Chuck Yeager is a quintessential American and that is exactly what I was looking for today.

        Victory In Iraq: How America Won. I saw that title and knew I had to read that book because books that have something good to say about America are rare these days. It will be refreshing to read an entire book that talks about what America is doing right because it will help me to remember that America is a great country.

        Chuck Yeager became a legend during that romanticized time when America was doing most things right and most people loved our country. I had actually been thinking about what it would take to get Americans to just… Love America again. I started that journey yesterday, first by watching La Mesa firefighters use The Jaws of Life to rescue a woman trapped in a car, then by meeting a former congressmen who’s written a book about American victory in Iraq and by seeing Chuck Yeager, the greatest aviator in the history of the world with my own two eyes. It was a good American day. The photo above shows General Yeager on the left and me on the right. Yep, that’s me in the same room, really just across the table from the true American, Chuck Yeager. also has an article and photos of this event which you may read if you click here.


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