San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Day #1

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Star Trek Enterprise Crew At Comic-Con 2010

Captain’s Log: Stardate 07222010, Comic-Con Convention

        The first official day of Comic-Con 2010 kicked off in San Diego today, and I was there with a press pass and my trusty Nikon D5000. As I mentioned in my last post, there would be a lot more costumes, celebrities and events to see, and here they are.

Boba Fett And Tie Fighter Pilot At Comic-Con 2010

Princess Leia Slave Girl At Comic-Con 2010

        Comic-Con means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For me it is a photo-op, for others it’s an excuse to call in sick to work, for die-hard fans it’s a chance to see childhood heroes, and for corporations, it’s chance to make money. This is the second Comic-Con I have attended, my first being way back in 1996, and it has changed a lot. I was interviewed by Alan Maloney of BBC News about the changes that have taken place, as was my cousin another, fellow journalist.
        We each had different, valid things to say about the direction Comic-Con has taken. From my eyes, Comic-Con has changed from a venue that brings comic book fans together with their comic book heroes to a platform for corporations to hock their multi-million dollar actors and movies, which I think is… Not what Comic-Con should be about. My cousin’s view was that in order to bring more money into the our city, it is necessary for the big corporations to take part, because that is what draws the crowds that ultimately spend the money. Both points are valid, both points are accurate, so… Where does that leave us? It really is a can of worms that has no right or wrong answer. Is Comic-Con about an annual event that brings fans a little closer to something they love or is it about pumping money into San Diego? Tough to say. Do the Padres play at PETCO park so fans can watch them play or is it because the city makes money by hosting baseball games? It’s seems like it’s six of one thing and half a dozen of the other to me.

Spartacus At Comic-Con 2010

I Am Spartacus!

        Today was a very busy day, photographically speaking, so I’ll try to minimize my text for this post and maximize the photographic content. I got a lot of costume shots, as well as a half dozen or so celebrities, so it really was a very exciting day. Comic-Con really is an awesome event, and there are still three days to go.

Tits At Comic-Con 2010

Female Punisher At Comic-Con 2010

        The costumes at Comic-Con are the best part of the show as far as I am concerned. People go to a lot of trouble to build and don their costumes, so they are very willing to have their pictures taken. Comic-Con is so NOT like the real world! People that come to The Con in costume very graciously pose for photos if asked, so be sure to mind your P’s & Q’s while doing so. “May I please take your picture?” should be immediately followed by, “Thank you very much” after you have taken your shot. If you have a business card, offer it to them so they can see themselves on your blog once the photo is posted online.

Star Wars At Comic-Con 2010

Star Wars Is A Mainstay At Comic-Con

Zombie At Comic-Con 2010

Buddy Jesus At Comic-Con 2010

        Buddy Jesus, with an elegant halo of bright neon blue made his entrance to the Comic-Con, looked me right in the eye and said nothing. That’s OK. After his holiness walked away, a statue of a green female statue caught my eye. Straight up creepy is what this thing was. There’s just something about an undead woman with lizard-green skin that makes me want to not be with her.

Princess At Comic-Con 2010

Captain America At Comic-Con 2010

        I think a beautiful princess and Captain America himself epitomize Comic-Con. Comic book super heroes and mythical royalty are comic book regulars, and there is no shortage of either one at The Con. I mentioned earlier that I saw some celebrities today, didn’t I? Yes I did, and here they are.

Richard Hatch At Comic-Con 2010

Richard Hatch – Captain Apollo In TV’s Original Battlestar Galactica Series

Gil Gerard At Comic-Con 2010

Gil Gerard From TV’s Buck Rogers In The 25th Century

Erin Gray Buddy At Comic-Con 2010

Erin Gray From TV’s Buck Rogers And Silver Spoons

Mindy Sterling At Comic-Con 2010

Mindy Sterling – Best Known As Frau Farbissina In The Austin Powers Movies

Johnny Galecki At Comic-Con 2010

Johnny Galecki – Currently On TV’s The Big Bang Theory

Corey Feldman And Jason Newlander At Comic-Con 2010

Corey Feldman And Jason Newlander From The Lost Boys

Morgan Fairchild At Comic-Con 2010

Morgan Fairchild Is Best Known For Being A Very Beautiful Woman

        Photographing celebrities is just like photographing anyone else, except that their bodyguards and handlers keep you farther away from them. I had a zoom lens, so this was not a problem for me. My random tip for Comic-Con newbies is to wander around the Sail Pavilion, because that is the autograph signing area, which means there will be celebrities up there. Remember to always be polite and say “please” and “thank you”.

Super Heroes At Comic-Con 2010

        After I wrapped up for the day, I left the convention center and headed toward the trolley. It was in between these two places that I ran into this motley crew of superheros. It is very neat to see entire groups of friends put on costumes and head to Comic-Con. After the last couple days, I can honestly say that life is good.


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