Comic-Con 2010 Day #3

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Arrested At Comic Con 2010

Arrested At Comic-Con 2010

        It seems to me that fuses and tempers are starting are starting to run a little short at Comic-Con. On the convention floor, fire marshals are actively patrolling, enforcing the “no sitting” rule, security guards are preventing fans from taking decent pictures because we “have to keep moving,” one fan stabbed a fellow fan below his eye for sitting to close to him, and at least one fan has been tackled to the ground by a mob of non-peace officer security guards for apparently cutting in line for one of the discussion panels.
        On top of all that it was SUPER crowded today, so I was able to get only a few good shots. I was just not at the top of my game today. I think we all just need to take a deep breath, count to ten and relax.

An Alleged Line Jumper At Comic-Con 2010

        I mentioned earlier that I was not at the top of game today, and I’d like to elaborate on that point, but first let me explain the video above. I shot it with my keychain camera and it’s about 2 minutes long, but only the first 50 seconds are interesting. At that point, when one of the security guards pulls the kid’s hair to keep his head on the ground, I let go of the video camera, pulled my Nikon D5000 out and took the photo at the top of this post. The reason I didn’t edit the video once the video camera is pointed at my bag is because I want you to hear the audio. At about the one minute and thirty second mark you can hear a guard yelling “STAY DOWN! STAY DOWN! Then another guard comes up to me and another photographer and says, “You guys, will you put the cameras away please?” The guard then says that, “He doesn’t need to be encouraged.” You can then hear me say that we are not encouraging him. Anyway, no one put their camera away, and I got my shot.
        As for me not being on top of my game today, it should be pretty obvious… I was inside the convention center, on my way to the Elvira press conference yet I didn’t even have my camera out yet! On top of that, my big 200mm zoom lens is what happened to be mounted on my camera when I pulled it out, so that’s why the shot is so tight. Had I prepared properly, my camera would have already have been slung on my body with my 18mm lens, so the shot would have included all the security guards that were involved. Lesson learned.

Elvira Mistress Of The Dark At Comic Con 2010

Elvira – Mistress Of The Dark

        Elvira held a press conference at Comic-Con for a very special announcement; Elvira is returning to television this Fall! She has a new Movie Macabre with over 20 films she will be hosting. It is going to be funny and scary and with Elvira bringing her iconic brand of humor to every film in the line-up, I think it is the perfect venue for her to introduce herself to a whole new generation of people. Her press conference was the highlight of my day. She is so beautiful, has perfect comedic timing and told us that she HATES the Twilight movie series. Awesome!

Pauley Perrette At Comic Con 2010

Kari Byron At Comic Con 2010

        The beautiful women were out in force today at Comic-Con. Above on the left is Pauley Perrette from at least two acronym shows: CSI and NCIS. She was very warm and cheerful to everyone that came up to her for an autograph. I said earlier that for some reason security guards won’t let us plant our feet long enough to take pictures of celebs while they are signing, we have to “keep moving” so I had to circle around the CBS booth about a dozen times to get this shot. I mentioned in my last post that planning ahead can help you get some great shots, and my shot above of artist and mythbuster Kari Byron, is a good example of that. I noticed she was scheduled to do a signing at the same table that Olivia Munn had been at the day before. I didn’t get a great shot of Olivia on that day, but I did take note of WHERE security lead her into the autograph signing area. I figured Kari Byron would be brought in the same way, so I went around to the bayside patio and waited. Sure enough, Kari and the security entourage walked right past me so I was able to get the above shot as she was about to walk into the autograph area. Remember, my fellow photographers, patience and planning will help you get some great shots.

Sid Haig At Comic Con 2010

Ron Perlman At Comic Con 2010

        Two of Hollywood’s baddest bad boys were on hand today. Sid Haig, on the left played the great Captain Spalding in two of Rob Zombie’s films: House Of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects. If you haven’t seen them then you should go out and rent them right now. Ron Perlman, above has a bio sheet longer than my arm, but my two favorite roles of his are as Johner in Alien Resurrection and as Hellboy. To me, he is just one of those guys that is flat out cool, no matter what he does.

Katey Sagal At Comic Con 2010

Katey Sagal

        Katey Sagal was a favorite of mine when she was playing Peggy Bundy on Married With Children and she still a favorite of mine now, providing the voice of Turanga Leela on Futurama.

Mark Valley And Chi McBride At Comic Con 2010

Mark Valley And Chi McBride

        Mark Valley And Chi McBride are currently working together on the TV show Human Target, and they were happily signing autographs today at Comic-Con. For the most part, the celebrities seem to go out of their way to be nice to the fans, smile and pose for pictures. They are very personable, and I’m sure that means a lot to the fans, especially the ones that have traveled for across the United States just to come to San Diego to meet them.
        So… One more day of Comic-Con left. There is light at the end of the tunnel my friends! This week has been exhausting and sleepless, but has been worth every little bit pain & suffering I’ve endured. Cheers!


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