Compass Cards For The San Diego Trolley

March 2, 2010 by  

San Diego Trolley at 12th & Imperial Station

The San Diego Trolley Goes By

        You may recall a post of mine from the end of January that told my tale of woe while trying to reload my Compass Card at a ticket vending machine.
        This time around it went off without a hitch. It makes me very happy to say that! It was very easy and took exactly 45 seconds, so it’s a bit more time than buying a day pass, but WAY less time then buying a monthly pass at Vons.

                With all actions done by pressing buttons and tapping your card, you start by pressing any button to wake up the TVM, select the pass you want to add to your Compass Card, tap your Compass Card on the validator, pay $72 via cash or credit, tap your Compass Card again, take your receipt and go.

                Very important notes: For those that pay with cash, the TVM’s give a maximum of $5 change, dished out as Sacagawea or Presidential dollar coins. Also, paying with coins to buy a $5 day pass or $2 one way ticket is fine, but won’t work for a monthly pass because there is a 20 coin deposit limit, so that means you can’t pay with coins, Einstein. You’ll just have to find somewhere else to spend your $72 in change.

Airplane Vapor Trail Above San Diego


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