Coronado Village Theater Needs Help

August 2, 2012 by  


Inside Coronado Village Theater

    I think that Coronado Village Theater may need some help in the form of butts in the building. Today, I caught the matinee showing of The Dark Knight Rises and I just about had the theater to myself. Granted, it was a beautiful Thursday afternoon and no one in their right mind should be indoors on a day like today, but I really want this theater to succeed; it’s a beautiful art deco theater full of character that mega-mall multiplexes are utterly lacking.

    In June of last year I attended the grand re-opening of the theater, which was a very exciting event, but I fear some of that excitement has left the building. So, I’m posting this to remind the residents of San Diego and Coronado in particular that you have the state’s best theater right in your own backyard and as you all witnessed 11 years ago, if you don’t use it you are going to lose it. Below is the video I put together last year from opening night. Please watch it and then take the time to head to Coronado for a movie night. Help the theater succeed! Cheers!


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