Cupola Cam In Downtown Littleton

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Littleton Cupola Cam Greeting Site

Cupola Cam Greeting Site In Downtown Littleton

    I happened across something interesting the other day whilst preparing to take pictures of the Christmas lights in Downtown Littleton. I found a sign outside the Littleton Municipal Courthouse that said the spot I was standing at was the “Official Cupola Cam Greeting Site.” I was intrigued by the sign because it said it is a greeting site, not a meeting site and of course “cam” is the universal abbreviation for “camera.” What was I looking at and what did it mean? It turned out the answer was staring me right in the face. I have no idea why I know, but I know what a cupola is; it’s the small structure that you see on top of churches, clock towers and courthouses. I took a gander at the cupola on the courthouse in front of me and noticed there was a camera next to it. Without ready access to the internet and having the Christmas light photos on my agenda I snapped a few photos so I would be able to do some research later.

Official Cupola Cam Greeting Site In Littleton

Littleton Municipal Courthouse’s Cupola Cam

    The City of Littleton has indeed installed a camera on top of the courthouse and it is called, “Cupola Cam II.” It can be very easily accessed from the City Of Littleton’s Website and you can even control the camera by instructing it to point any one of 24 prepositioned places. You can’t maneuver the camera by hand but you can point it all around Littleton and then zoom in and out to your heart’s desire. If you select the “Official Cupola Cam Greeting Site” location, the camera will aim and zoom in on the spot where I took the photos for this post. So, you can take yourself down there, give a loved one a call and have them aim the camera at you as you wave or hold up a sign. It’s really neat to get a bird’s eye view of the entire front range so I very highly recommend that you check it out. Cheers!


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