Denver City and County Building Christmas lights

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Denver City And County Building Christmas Lights 2013

Denver City And County Building Christmas Lights

    The Christmas season has officially arrived in Denver and mercifully, the winter weather has not. If the weather psychics are correct that’ll all be changing over the next few days but yesterday it was sunny and warm enough that I didn’t need a jacket or a beanie until after the sun went down. I arrived in Downtown Denver and Civic Center Park about an hour before sunset with two specific things on my agenda; to ice skate in Skyline Park and to photograph the Christmas lights at the Denver City and County Building. I was able to do both and even though I skated before I went to the City and County building, the photos from the ice rink will be in my next post. I really like how Denver embraces Christmas because it doesn’t conform to what the rest of the country does at this time of year which is to blend every December celebration into one big holiday. Denver decorates its buildings and holds a parade to celebrate Christmas, not some generic collection of holidays. I love Denver!

Denver City and County Building Christmas Lights Straight Up 2013

Under The Christmas Lights In Denver

    As it turned out, I arrived much earlier than I needed to. I incorrectly assumed the lights would be turned on at sunset, but they were not turned on until almost an hour and half after sunset. My original plan was the go directly to Skyline Park to ice skate, then go to the City and County building to take photos, go back to the ice rink to take night photos and then jump on the light rail to head back home. I wanted to make photographing the ice rink the last thing I did because it’s very close to the light rail while the City and County building is not. Alas, my journey ultimately consisted of skating, going to Civic Center Park to wait for the lights, going back to the ice rink, returning to Civic Center with the now lit Christmas lights and then going back to the light rail to head home.

Denver City and County Building Christmas Lights Up Close 2013

Christmas Lights In Denver

    There are a lot of people taking a lot of photos of everything these days so it’s becoming more and more difficult to be original. Instagram and iPhones have the general population believing they take good photos and that their photos are adding something to the ethosphere, but they’re not. It’s cool that people are sharing where they’ve been in a way that’s more accessible than a traditional slide show but you need to remember that just because you can drive a car doesn’t mean you can be a mechanic.

Denver City And County Building Christmas Lights Full View 2013

Denver City And County Building At Christmas

    Either way, I had a great time spending and afternoon and an evening in Downtown Denver. Civic Center Park, The 16th Street Mall and everything in between was my playground for the first time in almost a decade. I am so glad to be back in Denver that I may just have to run for mayor. Below is a video version of this post. Cheers!


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