Denver Has A Greek Amphitheater

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Greek Amphitheater Denver At Night

Amphitheater In Civic Center Park

    The Denver Capitol Building and the City and County Building are separated by Civic Center Park. In the center of the park is a Greek amphitheater and a fountain that are connected by a large paved walkway. I was in the park last week to photograph Christmas lights and to get reacquainted Downtown Denver. I arrived just after sunset, before the Christmas lights were turned on so I indulged in a little blue hour photography. The yellow lights of the amphitheater were a great contrast to the deep blue of the soon to be dark sky. After I was done, I headed to the 16th Street Mall to check out the ice rink at Skyline Park and then retraced my steps back to Civic Center to get some shots of the lights on the City and County Building.

Allen Tupper True Art In Denver Greek Amphitheater The Trapper

Allen Tupper True Art In Denver Greek Amphitheater The Prospector

Denver Greek Amphitheater Front

Looking North From The Greek Amphitheater

    The amphitheater and the walkway run north and south through the park so the capitol building, on the east side of the park, the city and county building on the west side and Downtown Denver to the north can all be seen from this central location. There are two 1920 paintings created by Allen Tupper True within the amphitheater that were completed in 1920. Above, on the left is the work titled, “The Prospector” and the other, pictured on the right is titled, “The Trapper.” According to 15 minutes of internet research, they have both been restored twice; in 1976 and in 2008. The photo in the center sits between these two pieces of art, facing north towards downtown so you can see Republic Plaza, the tallest building in Colorado in the background of all three photos. The Denver Art Museum was behind me and the paved walkway along with the north end of the amphitheater is in front of me. For all you artistic snobs out there, the center photo above is the skene (tent) whilst the other two are the parados (passageways). Do you see the two light poles flanking Republic Plaza? For the next photo I walked to the north into the orchestra area, towards the other end of the amphitheater.

Downtown Denver From Greek Amphitheater

Downtown Denver Seen From Civic Center Park

    Above we see much more of Downtown Denver framed by the lights of the Greek Amphitheater as I walked towards the northern border of Civic Center Park. Up ahead there is a fountain that is disabled during winter but still provides a great foreground to what is around in the park year round.

Civic Center Park

The Fountain In Civic Center Park – Downtown Denver

    Continuing my walk through the park I ended up at the aforementioned fountain. In all fairness, this is not one giant amphitheater; it is a proper amphitheater to the south and a fountain with a Greek structure to the north, which is pictured above.

Greek Amphitherater and Capitol Dome

Denver Capitol Dome Seen From Civic Center Park

    From this vantage we are looking at the fountain, along with the Denver Capitol Building and amphitheater in the background. All of these photos were taken after sunset, that’s why at the top of the post I referred to me indulging in blue hour photography. As you can see, the sky is has a very deep blue color once the sun is down, before the night takes hold.

Greek Theater In Downtown Denver

Looking East From Civic Center Park

    Above we can see the top of the Denver City and County building (sans Christmas lights) in the background, McNichols Civic Center building in the midground and the Greek amphitheater in the center. There is some mysterious art in the arches of this structure that can be seen at the top of the photo.

Greek Amphitheater Upward View

Upward View Of Art In The Greek Amphitheater

    I had to leave this magnificent area to shoot the Christmas lights of the city. On this same night I ice skated at the rink in Skyline Park and took in the lights at the Denver City and County Building. It was a good night and it assured me that I’d done the right thing by returning to Denver after being away for eight years. Cheers!


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