Denver Sportsmen’s Expo

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Colorado Convention Center Denver Blue Bear

Blue Bear At Colorado Convention Center – Denver

    Today I took the light rail to the Colorado Convention Center for the Denver Sportsmen’s Expo. The trip was easy and it was so much fun looking at all the latest stuff in the world of the outdoorsman that I didn’t get many photos of the day. The two photos in this post are the best I have. I’m bringing this up because I did a lot of homework and prep to cover this show but most of my schedule went right out the window. There was so much to see and eat and drink that I decided I wanted to attend the show, not cover the show. During my teenage years I was all into being a survivalist and learning about skills that would be of help when the Walking Dead or communists would lead to us reverting to an Iron Age world. There were a lot of people that would be prepared either of these events plus many more at this show. When I was a kid I had to get my fill of survivalist adventure from weekend camping trips and going to the swap meet with my family along with mail order catalogs from places like Campmor and Brigade Quartermaster. This expo was everything my teenage self could have wanted and everything my present self hadn’t seen for quite some time. In my late teens, especially for the year or so before I graduated high school we would camp just about every weekend.

Fly Fishing Casting

Flyfishing Casting

    The two photos in this post are of the big blue bear in front of the convention center and a lady that was participating in a casting demonstration. I didn’t take many others; I just enjoyed the ride and watched tons of demos for things that I now want to buy. I did very well in terms of self control by only buying food while I was there. I took copious notes and will be sure to post reviews for any items I end up buying that I also end up really liking. Cheers!


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