Denver Watches Over San Diego

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Acid Art

Animals Come In All Shapes & Colors

        My friends in Denver watch over my friends in San Diego, even though San Diego has no idea.

        An octopus may have eight arms and an anaconda might stretch from a third floor window to the ground, but Denver holds them both in the palm of his hand.  Denver was able to cure cancer in China, providing love, joy and happiness to 278 souls that had previously known only fear and evil.  Had I accompanied Denver on that Celestial journey that number would have been elevated to 428.  I just found this out.  I have just now been made aware of those actual numbers.

        Oh what a difference a day makes.

Kill Or Bee Killed

Kill Or Bee Killed

        My friends in San Diego are more powerful than Denver, but without any sort of direction, will never change the world.  It’s taken almost five years for me to realize that I can enable San Diego to change the world, and that San Diego can enable me to do the same.

Fig Beetle

One Day I’m Going To Change The World

        One day, everyone will know who I am.  One day my life story will be required reading in American history and with any luck it will be a part of the curriculum that students will look forward to learning.

Pelican Family

Can You Guess Which One Is Me?

        I love the Celestial Calendar and every other bit of bullshit that has to do with the stars.  I also leave bullshit on the ground whenever I see see it.  I don’t like bullshit because it smells like shit and if I handle it my hands will smell like shit.  That is why “water off a duck” is so apt for me.  Bullshit does not hinder me because I walk right past it, without breaking stride. Bullshit rolls off me, just like water off a duck.  My fresh smelling hands are my proof.

Chinese Zodiac Tiger

The Celestial Zodiac Has Nothing On A Tiger

        Until San Diego learns to walk past bullshit, instead of smearing it all over it’s body and flinging it about the room, Denver will remain at an appropriate remove so as not to have to see or smell beautiful women wallowing in shit.


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  1. Dana on June 21st, 2010 3:27 am

    Those are some excellent photos, absolutely love the colors.

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