Dominion Concert At Teeple Park

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Dominion Lead Singer in Teeple Park

Lead Singer For Dominion

    I little over a week ago a flyer on my door said there was going to be a free concert at Teeple Park in Imperial Beach. The band playing was “Dominion” and they are the house band for The Potter’s House Christian Fellowship Church. This was something of a guerrilla concert because within about 15 minutes the San Diego sheriff showed up and said they had to shut it down. The group had not obtained whatever permit is required to have a show in a park so they packed up & chatted with me for a bit. I’d like to point out that the sheriff was very cool about the situation and was polite. As the band packed up I had a great chat with John, the drummer of Dominion. We talked about religion and how it, along with Jesus Christ has helped members of their church improve their lives and build a better world. At the end of the day, in my opinion, you should be nice to everyone around you. If you are religious, don’t like religion, feel you’ve been saved by the word of God or think that science is the way to enlightenment you should still be nice to every single person you come into contact with.

    I was a person who didn’t understand the concept of, “you have to give in order to receive” until way too late in life. I just didn’t get it. I had thought about it from a financial point of view which really has nothing to do with it. I didn’t understand who giving someone money would get me something in return. A very good friend of mine explained to me that the way I was thinking about the whole thing was wrong and that he could prove it to me. He smiled at me. I smiled back. It’s just that easy.

John The Drummer For Dominion in Teeple Park

John The Drummer Speaks

    I am a big fan of live music so it was disappointing that the concert was shut down, however the ending of the show is what enabled me to have a great conversation with John, the drummer. He is pictured above right before he started chatting with me.

Dominion guitarist

PLaying Guitar For Dominion

    I fool around with the harmonica and I’ve taken up the guitar four or five times in the last 25 years but I am in no way a musician. It always amazing me that people are able to create and perform music as they do.

John The Drummer For Dominion in Teeple Park

John Drums

    So, my afternoon improved. I think that’s the main bullet point I’m trying to make here. I heard some good music, had a nice chat and was able to enjoy the San Diego weather. Not a bad way to wrap up an average day. Cheers!


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