Dunkin’ Donuts vs. Don Francisco Coffee

February 9, 2010 by  

Dunkin' Donuts vs. Don Francisco Coffee

The First Title Defense Of Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee

        The first bout between two coffee heavyweights took place right here on this very blog, just about a week ago. The winner was Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend, mightily crushing Starbucks Morning Joe. I’m glad that Starbucks lost right away, and I placed Starbucks in the first round for that very reason, to watch them lose. I didn’t know they would lose, but I figured they would either lose immediately or steadily topple opponents like the stupid New York Yankees. Sometimes, you just have to roll the dice, and I’m glad I did this time.

        The new challenger is Don Francisco’s Plantation Morning Blend. If I was made to pick the better tasting coffee, based on the the photo above, I think Don Francisco has the edge. It looks to me like Dunkin’ is cowering in front of Don.


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