Employment at Westward Seafoods in Dutch Harbor Alaska

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Crab Pots At Night In Dutch Harbor Alaska

    Crab is a big part of Westward Seafoods bottom line so crab pots take up a lot of real estate on their Dutch Harbor, Alaska compound. At this point, we all know that I did not have a good experience whilst working for Westward Seafoods and I recommend that you do not work for Westward Seafoods, but up to this point, I haven’t mentioned crabs or what it takes to get them to your plate.


Crab Pots

    The way the pots work is fairly simple and has to do with direction of travel, the same way some carnivorous plants trap insects. Basically, the door swings one way & not the other so after a crab shoves its way into a trap, it can’t shove its way back out.


Westward Seafoods Employee Meals At Their Earliest Stage

    I suspect that Westward Seafoods rents or stores, for a fee the crab pots that crabbers use to catch their prey. In all sincerity I actually think that Westward lets the crabbers use their pots for free in exchange for a guarantee that any crab caught will be sold to Westward Seafoods, no matter what the quality, size species. I was there and personally had to process crab after the season was over so I believe that Westward Seafoods buys crab bought from black market, pirate vessels and lures them into Dutch Harbor by letting them use their crab pots.


The Moon, A Bald Eagle and Crab Pots in Dutch Harbor

    The unfortunate thing is that photography is prohibited inside the building of the Westward Seafoods compound. There are no trade secrets or proprietary equipment that would be revealed but the working conditions of the seafood processors would be. To say the conditions are dangerous is a given be to but to say they actually break the law is something I’m saying, based on my three month stint working there. I got more sleep, more free time, more medical benefits and more pay whilst in the military in the mid 1990’s so that’s my basis for comparison.


Westward Seafoods Crab Pots in Dutch Harbor

    There are two sides to the Westward Seafoods plant. One side processes cod and crab and the other processes pollock into a product called surimi. Surimi is imitation crab meat. It is the hot dog of seafood and I had the displeasure of working on that side of the plant. Let me very be clear about what I say next: The sirimi at Westward Seafoods is poisonous because it is laden with mercury. Not the planet, the heavy metal that’s also known as quicksilver and used in thermometers and barometers. The final stage of surimi processing is to run the pollock meat through a metal detector. Any meat that trips the detector has a level of mercury in it that is illegal to be sold, so it is fed to employees of Westward Seafoods. You heard it here first people. The fish that gets fed to employees is so full of mercury that it cannot legally be sold in the United States of America. The pollock that Westward employees eat has more metal in it than a tooth filling and the baked rexsole, the other fish entree that is served was scooped up off the floor, nothing more than an unwanted byproduct of the processing and producing of surimi. Cheers!


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  1. wanderfrolics on August 4th, 2013 8:58 am

    These photos are great and so scary, somehow! 🙂

  2. Jeanne Spears on September 21st, 2013 7:20 pm

    Haha… I remember when I sucked at getting all that fish fillet into the baskets on time and the shit fell onto the floor. I laughed cuz I was embarrassed A veteran employee laughed and said "All the fish that falls onto the floor will be yer dinner". I replied "the jokes on you cuz I fucking HATE fish"

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