Broken Fire Hydrant Fixed By Firefighters

May 26, 2010 by  

Fire Hydrant Fountain

Fire Hydrant Water Fountain

        I heard it before I saw it. Thousands of gallons of water shooting into the air, splashing onto the ground and flowing down the street.

Fire Hydrant Fountain

Broken Fire Hydrant Creates A Water Fountain

        It turned out that some one knocked over a fire hydrant so a 25 foot water fountain ensued. The La Mesa fire department arrived on the scene and shut down the water. Good job guys!

La Mesa Community Officer

La Mesa Community Service Officer – First On Scene

Fire Hydrant And Firefighters

Firefighters On The Scene

        Through an access near the edge of the street, the firefighters used a T shaped tool turn a subterranean valve that stopped the flow of water. The 1 minute video below was shot with my Nikon D5000.


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