First Day at Denver Comic Con

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Spiderman At Denver Comic Con 2014

Spiderman Hanging Out

    Denver is my hometown and I am very glad to have moved back after spending eight years in San Diego. During my time out west I became a veteran of San Diego Comic Con and looked forward to it every year. As my first summer back in Denver began to unfold, I was feeling a little sad because I knew I would not be traveling to San Diego for the con but then something amazing happened; I found out that Denver had been hosting a Comic Con for the last two years! I applied for and was very grateful to receive a media pass from to cover the event. That previous sentence is my professional and stoic way of saying, “Hell yeah! I’m going to Denver Comic Con!”

Hot Girls And Jason At Denver Comic Con

Jason And His Pretty Ladies

    I had a very busy first day. I walked every square inch of the convention center, attended five panels and of course, took lots of photos. After covering four consecutive years of the nuclear explosion that is San Diego Comic Con, I can tell you with absolute certainty that Denver Comic Con is better. I hadn’t planned on comparing the two but they are such different versions of the same thing that I feel I owe to you all to make a few comparisons and highlight the differences that stood out to me.

Big Lebowski Denver Comic Con 2014

The Big Lebowski

    The intimacy of Denver Comic Con makes all the difference in the world. It’s a simple matter of logistics and a much more boring matter of math. Both convention centers are huge with over a half million square feet of space but that’s where the similarities end. DCC is huge so the convention center is an appropriate sized space. SDCC is GIGANTIC so the convention center is in no way big enough to host the event; that’s why there are satellite locations and events all over downtown San Diego. This cripples the city, brings public transportation to a virtual standstill and is a big pain in the ass because you have to deal with traffic in and out of the convention center for five days. DCC is mellow, with lots of elbow room and plenty of space to take pictures. As you look through the photos in this post, look at the background and compare those to my photos from SDCC. In Denver, everything is under one roof and traffic flows at a regular pace. Just take a look at Walter and The Dude in the photo above; calm, cool and collected. This shot would be impossible to take at SDCC.

Deadpool At Denver Comic Con 2014

Deadpool Looking Fabulous

    Taking a break from comparisons for a moment, I’d like to lay down some of my nerd street cred by letting you all know that I own two copies of New Mutants number 98. I bought them back in 1993 for $5 a piece in Hawaii whilst serving in the Navy. I didn’t buy them as an investment; I bought them because Deadpool is my favorite comic book bad guy in the world. I collected comics for years before and since then, but they don’t accrue value in a plastic bag, they get read and handled. That’s why I bought two copies of Deadpool’s debut, because I knew I’d wear them out.

Deadpool and Wolverine Denver Comic Con 2014

Deadpool And Wolverine

    Deadpool actually managed to offend me twice in the photo above. First, by hanging out with a dude that has bigger biceps than me and second by admitting to the existence of god. Nuff said.

Star Wars Denver Comic Con 2014

Star Wars Replica Props

    Star Wars was the first movie I ever saw in a theater. In 1979 it was rereleased to the big screen and my dad took me to see it. How many people can say that the greatest dad in the world took them to see the greatest movie in the world? Just me.

Evil Star Wars Denver Comic Con 2014

Star Wars Cosplay

    The coolest thing I discovered at DCC today was a group of people collectively known as Rocky Mountain Fanforce. They are Star Wars nuts that get together and discuss Star Wars. They had a trivia contest/panel that I attended and participated in. I didn’t win but it felt good to flex my Star Wars muscle. Just to be clear “Star Wars muscle” is not a euphemism for my manhood, it IS my manhood!

Jeremy Bulloch At Denver Comic Con-2014

Jeremy Bulloch

    One of the panels I attended was a discussion hosted by Jeremy Bulloch, pictured above. He is the actor that played Boba Fett in Empire Strikes Back. His parting words of wisdom were to be nice to one another. You got it, man.

Walter Koenig At Denver Comic Con 2014

Walter Koenig

    At another panel I got to see Walter Koenig, who played Chekov in the original Star Trek series and films. I’m not a Trekkie but I am a fan of the series. He told a great story about how having a heart attack lead to him landing a recurring role in a TV series.

Swordplay At Denver Comic Con


    There was a swordplay demonstration that featured men and women battling it out with metal weapons of all sorts. The people to space ratio at DCC made it possible for me to see many more things in a day than are possible at SDCC. The extra maneuverability made it very easy to get from place to place and added to the overall joy of the experience for me. In San Diego, waiting in lines for panels will eat up days of your time and there is always the chance that you won’t be able to get in since people camp out in the seats for future panels. In Denver, the rooms are cleared at the end of each panel and there is PLENTY of seating so no one gets left out. All of you that have ever wanted to see a screening in Hall H in San Diego know what I’m talking about.

Worped Studios Art Denver Comic Con 2014

Art From Worped Studios

    Another big difference between the cons is the food and water situation. At SDCC you have the choice of expensive hot dogs or expensive pizza and there is nowhere to sit down. Colorado Convention Center has a massive food court, many other food and alcohol vendors scattered around and there are tables and chairs. Tables and chairs! As you can see by the expression of my friend Joe the Zombie above, that is a very surprising fact indeed.

Colorado Convention Center During Comic Con-2014

Outside Colorado Convention Center

    So there is my assessment of my first day at Denver Comic Con. It was long day that has now kept me up all night, writing this post. It is four in the morning right now which means I have 6 hours to get this posted, shower and get back to the con for day two. Who needs sleep? Cheers!


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