Globe of Death

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Globe Of Death Denver Motorcycle Expo

Globe Of Death Before The Show

    Today I went to the Colorado Motorcycle Expo where watching the Globe Of Death stunt riding was by far the most interesting thing to see. Aimlessly wandering the National Western Complex led me to the stadium where I got my first glimpse of the globe. The near empty building made the thing look like a lunar lander with motorcycle riding astronauts. Walking up to the globe I met Monte Perlin, the stuntman who commissioned the construction of the globe in the early 1980s at a cost of $15,000.

Monte Perlin Enters Globe Of Death

Monte Perlin and Globe Of Death

    They call it Globe of Death because one or both riders could die performing this stunt. They ride motorcycles inside the 16 foot sphere using centrifugal force to ride upside down and every other direction.

Inside Globe Of Death

Inside View – Globe Of Death

    There is a hinged panel that acts as the door. It’s not big and the riders have to duck way down when riding the bikes in and out. The globe is just a metal sphere and metal rib exoskeleton held together with bolts.

Monte Perlin Exits Globe Of Death

Getting Motorcycles Ready For The Show

Globe Of Death Denver Motorcycle Expo Monte Perlin

Monte Perlin About To Enter The Globe Of Death

    The photo above is Perlin warming up the crowd with some tricks outside the globe before finally going inside to ride gravity defying loops and horizontal donuts. The video below shows the bikes riding inside the globe. Cheers!


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