Happy Thanksgiving 2010 America

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Grilling The Gourd For Thanksgiving Feast

Grilling The Gourds For Thanksgiving

        Thanksgiving was good for me this year; I got to spend it with family and I made some new friends too. My cousins brought me to a late afternoon feast being held in a very inviting backyard patio, in the North Park area of San Diego.

Thinking Before Thanksgiving Feast

Thinking About What To Give Thanks For

        The timing of our arrival was perfect. We had time time meet with and talk to people, have a cocktail and enjoy the earliest stages of a late November San Diego sunset. I was three sips into my second drink when the turkey made its first appearance of the night, and in those fleeting moments everyone could plainly see that this bird was perfectly cooked with a smell that indicated it would taste perfectly in your mouth.

Presenting The Turkey

One Perfectly Cooked Turkey

        Above is one of the gracious hosts giving everyone a quick glimpse of the turkey before taking it back inside for carving. In the background is the amazing patio and backyard area where 12 of us ate, gathered around two huge tables.

Thanksgiving Turkey In San Diego 2010

San Diego 2010 Thanksgiving Turkey

        Thanksgiving is a great holiday because it brings people together to share time for a meal, give thanks and talk about good things in the world. The drinks and the turkey are catalysts for the history and the memories that will be made around millions of tables in America tonight.

Thanksgiving Meal In San Diego 2010

Thanksgiving Meal In San Diego – 2010

        I’m glad I brought my camera to this Thanksgiving dinner, and glad that thanks to my gracious hosts, Brian and Joel there is a short photographic record of one Thanksgiving feast in one little corner of San Diego. Happy Thanksgiving America!


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