Hillary Clinton Clears The Way For An Airstrike On Iran

November 28, 2010 by  

        According to a cable sent from Secretary Of State, Hillary Clinton on February 18, 2009 to the American ambassadors at the embassies of Jordan, Kuwait, The Untied Arab Emirates, Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Israel, the US state department wants the diplomats of these countries to tell their host countries to tell Russia that they (Russia) should not deliver S-300 air defense systems and missiles to Iran.

        The reasoning that Hillary Clinton instructs her lap-dog diplomats to use in selling this to their host countries is very strange. She says that this defensive system could be used to support offensive operations, and that the range of the missiles would reach beyond Iranian airspace. From the cable, “The most modern variant of the S-300, high-performance surface-to-air missile system would greatly improve Iran’s ability to defend large regions of its airspace up to 200 km beyond its borders.”

        So let me get this straight Hillary Clinton, you non-elected politician… The reason you think Iran should not be entitled to defend itself from American bombers an attack from the air is because they might use them in support of offensive action? I don’t think so. I think Hillary Clinton is doing everything she can to minimize the risk to American bomber pilots when the order is given to start dropping bombs on Iran.

        There is one and ONLY one reason for the United States of America to keep Iran from defending it’s airspace from an attack by air… Because America is going to attack Iran from the air. So, here is my prediction for the press conference that will take place the day after the attack: The White House spokesperson will say blah blah blah about this and that and then will also say something else. He or she will talk about how no American bomber pilots were shot down during the raid, and will allude to the fact that through good intelligence and planning, America managed to cripple Iranian air defenses with a computer virus or something. What the White House spokesperson will NOT say during the press conference is that America made sure, thanks to Hillary Clinton back in February 2009, Iran didn’t even HAVE an air defense system to cripple.

        My source for this article comes from a secret cable from Hillary Clinton to 7 American ambassadors posted in Middle East countries that Hillary Clinton felt hold more than average sway with Russia. The cable is just one of about 250,000 American embassy and State Department cables released by Wikileaks today. I urge every person on the planet to read through the cables and report about what you find.


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