Historic Downtown Littleton Christmas lights

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Downtown Littleton Main Street Christmas Lights

Main Street Christmas Lights In Littleton

    I have been away from Denver and Colorado for eight years so I am very anxious to see some familiar places. There really is no place like home and Denver in all its Mile High glory will always be my home, no matter how much time I spend away. Fortunately for me, it is the Christmas season so the entire metro area has decked their halls with decorations and their trees with lights. I grew up in Littleton, a suburb southwest of Denver, so heading to their Downtown Main Street District to see the Christmas cheer was at the top of my to-do list. It’s not a huge area but it is a very traditional American main street and all the businesses are local. I found out that there is a Historic Downtown Littleton Merchants Association (HDLM pronounced “Hoodlum”) that meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 8am in the Town Hall Arts Center. It always makes me happy to be in a community that retains its identity by supporting local businesses instead of replacing everything with a Wal-Mart. The photo above shows a westward view of Historic Downtown Littleton and the Christmas lights on Main Street.

Downtown Littleton Christmas Tree Main Street

Christmas Tree In Littleton

    On this particular day I was not in downtown Littleton to shop, I was there to see the Christmas lights. One of the best things about this area is that it is very pedestrian and bicycle friendly so I was able to ride my bike up the South Platte River Trail directly into downtown and lock my bike right on Main Street. There are bike racks all up and down the street as well as at the nearby light rail station so bike parking is not a problem. The Denver metro area has done a great job of ensuring that alternate forms of travel such as biking, skating, taking the bus or riding light rail have been able to grow and have kept pace with new roads for cars. As such, I am enjoying every sunny day I can out on the trails before winter finally drops the temperature too low to comfortably bike around. I rode and took the photos for this post yesterday, the first day of December and it was almost 60 degrees before the sun set!

Downtown Littleton Christmas Tree Plaza

Christmas Trees In Historic Downtown Littleton

    At the west end of Downtown Littleton is what I suppose you would call the official Christmas tree for the city. It is in a grassy area at the intersection of Main Street and Santa Fe Drive. Every year, the day after Thanksgiving there is a candlelight walk along Main Street that ends with Santa Claus and a contest winning child turning on the lights and officially starting the Christmas season. It is so good to be back in Denver, amongst evergreen trees and mountains; even the soon to come snow will add some joy to a season that I have not been able to properly enjoy for eight years. A California Christmas with decorated palm trees on the beach just isn’t the same as a Colorado blue spruce after a light dusting of snow. Cheers!


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