I Chased My Cat Down A Rabbit Hole

August 19, 2009 by  

Green Leopard Spider

Green Lynx Spider

    Of the many things that happened while I was down there, eating was one of them.  I bring this up because I am assuming that it was something I ate while down in the rabbit hole that shrank me down to the size of an ambush spider’s prey.  The abundance of honey bees, distracted this spider just long enough for me to slide down the stem of the flower and run into the underbrush of the nearby shrubbery and flower ecosystem

A Full Spectrum Lizard

Full Spectrum Lizard

    Due to my small size, I cannot judge distance for this story at all so it it should suffice to say that to open space of coarse white cement may have been a bike path or a jumbo-jet runway, and this lizard was right in the middle of it.  My physical being was so small that the pebbles next to the lizard seemed to be the size of automobiles to me.

Dead On The Surface Of The Moon

The Thirsty Worm Gets The Burn

    I was able to hide behind the carcass  of this earthworm, which for some reason, was not in the earth because it was dead, on top of the earth.  This irony was lost on me as I sought cover behind it, while waiting for the giant chameleon death lizard to lumber away from my present location.

Pegasus If Zeus Was Tool

I managed to make my way to a cut   lumber pile that was teeming with flight capable life forms.

This fly, with a bright iridescent racing green skin gave me a ride to a witch doctor that said she would make me regular size.

I suppose that’s all I ever wanted.


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