Keychain Spy Camera vs Nikon D5000

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Keychain Camera Opened Up

Keychain Camera After I messed With It

        Yesterday was the 4th of July and San Diego held their annual BOOM ON THE BAY last night. I was there, and SDMTS, which is San Diego’s public transportation system was flawless in getting me there and back in just over 3 hours. I had about 10 pounds of photographic gear on my person, but managed to forget my camera. Yes, I went to the largest fireworks display on the west coast and forgot to bring my camera. ‘Nuff said.

Keychain Camera 1280x960

1280×960 Resolution Video Camera

        Since I have no fireworks photos to work on, I had to find another way to occupy my time. I decided to modify my new keychain spy camera to be even better than it was when I bought it. The problem was that the camera was at the bottom of the fob. This meant I had to hold it like a wand, which is not spy-like at all. I really wanted the camera to face 90 degrees to the front or the back so I could paste the keychain camera to something, without it sticking out.

Keychain Camera Opened Up

Keychain Camera About To Be Modified

        I disassembled the keychain camera and found the lens to be held in place with glue. I removed the glue and repositioned the camera 90 degrees so it would be pointed out the back of the fob. I drilled two holes to accommodate the new position of the lens. Yes, only one hole was necessary but as the photo below shows, I misjudged the first time.

Keychain Camera Modified

Modified Keychain Camera

        Now I can wear this keychain video camera as a necklace, rather than pointing it like a laser pointer at my subject. The only reason I bought this keychain camera was so I can record people and events without me having to use my hands. The position the lens was in when purchased pretty much makes it necessary to hold the camera in your hand while extending your arm. My mod allows the camera to be used as a necklace.
        The two videos below compare the keychain camera to the Nikon D5000, in terms of video capability. The keychain claims to have 1280×960, 30fps resolution, while the D5000 is 1280×720, 24fps. I think the videos speak for themselves. The D5000 has FAR superior video capabilities than the keychain camera, and the keychain camera’s claims of being HD are false.

Keychain Camera From The Trolley

        Above you see footage taken with a 1280×960 resolution camera encoded at 720p. I have footage from the same trolley ride taken with a Nikon D5000. The D5000 video is much better than the keychain video.

Video Taken With My Nikon D5000

        The video footage above is superior to the keychain camera. I’m not saying that the keychain camera won’t help you out in a pinch, I’m saying that it is not an HD video camera. I’m going to wear it with a lanyard when I go out shooting from now on though. Hands free video recording of any person that challenges me while taking pictures is worth it’s weight in gold for me.


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  1. Deny on July 21st, 2011 4:05 am

    I think you lost video quality with the key chain camera during your re-encoding process .

    I own the first version with max resolution at 720p and my videos quality are outsanding for such a tiny device

  2. Mobile dvr on June 10th, 2013 4:51 am

    Using such kind of spying camera is efficient to collect video footage in any where with risk free way. To assault any crime or event such kind of device work like as pro. I think such kind of device are useful for civil and intelligence force to assault crime and mystery. Thanks for dealing!

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