La Mesa Downtown Village Streetscape Improvement Project

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Allison Avenue Streetscape Project

Construction Can Be Chaotic

        The La Mesa Downtown Village Streetscape Improvement Project will widen sidewalks, install new lamp posts with unique night-lighting, plant new trees, flowers and shrubs and many other things in the downtown area of La Mesa, CA.

Allison Avenue Streetscape Project

Allison Avenue Being Improved

        This is an ambitious project, with one of the goals being to solidify the downtown area’s identity as La Mesa’s city center. As we can see on this map, most of the streets and sidewalks that go through and around downtown La Mesa will be receiving a face-lift.

Allison Avenue Streetscape Project

Intersection Of Palm Ave. And Allison Ave.

        The entire project is called the “La Mesa Downtown Village Streetscape Improvement Project,” but there was a sign in the area these photos were taken that read, “Allison Avenue Streetscape Project,” so I’m guessing that each leg of the project will have it’s own designation like this one. That makes sense to me and will avoid confusion, no doubt.

Allison Avenue Streetscape Project

Guarding The Open Trench


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  1. Roxanna Sullivan on August 25th, 2014 8:16 am

    Where are all the beautiful trees that were always lit at Christmas. Will they be replaced? I certainly hope so. It was part of the nostalgia and beautiful small town look that attracted me to moving here. Taking those away will just make it look like any other neighborhood down town in any major city. UGLY CONCRETE !

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