La Mesa Firefighters Jaws Of Life Rescue

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La Mesa Car Accident Jaws Of Life Rescue

Car Accident Near University Ave. & La Mesa Blvd

        I happened onto an accident scene where the car was mangled bad enough that the jaws of life had to be used by La Mesa firefighters to extract the driver from the car. It appeared to me the car above was T-boned while pulling out of the Social Security building on University Ave. This is the car’s permanent good side, as you’ll see from the photos below.

La Mesa Car Accident Jaws Of Life Rescue

Explaining What Is About To Happen

        Something I noticed was that the firefighters did what they could to help shield the driver from view as hundreds of cars drove by (and perhaps from me as well) by standing in front of the window and keeping a tight perimeter around her once she was out of the vehicle and onto the stretcher, which I thought was very thoughtful of them.

La Mesa Car Accident Jaws Of Life Rescue

The Jaws Of Life Arrive On The Scene

        The firefighters took the jaws right to the hinges of the door and then just pulled the whole thing right off the car, which made it possible to get the driver out, onto a backboard and onto the stretcher.

La Mesa Car Accident Jaws Of Life Rescue

Firefighters & Paramedics Of La Mesa, CA

        At took less than three minutes to get the door off once they started into it with the jaws of life. It’s good to see first hand just how well trained and efficient these men and women are. La Mesa residents, you can sleep soundly at night thanks to what these super heroes do. Below is a short video of the firefighters going to work on the car with the jaws of life.

Jaws Of Life Rescue By La Mesa Firefighters


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3 Responses to “La Mesa Firefighters Jaws Of Life Rescue”

  1. debbie brasher on January 21st, 2012 8:17 pm

    i was in that car and so glad im still here. thank you LMFD and LMPD for all you did for me. i and my family are so greatful. forgive me for spelling problems i have some memory loss from the accident amongst other problems.who ever posted this . thank you for the video and pictures of that day i dont remember any of the accident except when i seen the two girls and a man at my window they told me i had been in an accident. and the wonderful firefighters and police officer that helped and the firefighter that held my hand and stayed with me. thank you so much. this is the first time i had seen this and didnt even know it was there thank you.

  2. The World Is Raw on February 6th, 2012 5:22 am

    I am very glad to hear that you are all right! I had just been walking by when I came across the scene of your accident and I started filming.

  3. debbie brasher on May 19th, 2012 4:05 pm

    i see this and tears roll down my cheeks. how close i came to loosing my life and not seeing my husband kids and grand kids. i still don’t remember the accident. but will be seeing a kidney doctor and other doctors the rest of my life. but at least i have a life. i struggle to remember things that are important. like what the freeways on ramps and off ramps look like. i have driven them for 40 years but can’t remember anymore and am afraid of heights now. it takes a long time to get to work. i am a landscaper raising my grandson. math and spelling are rough thank god for google and my dictionary. iv’e been told that i may never remember things esspecially the accident. it might be better that i don’t. but i would like to remember the other things that people talk about from the past. or even short term things. so there is some of both. i am very greatful for you posting this. i know what my car looked like before the door was no realy it makes me thankful for everything i have. but also scares me evertime i get into a car. once again thank you so much.

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