Living Waters $1 Trillion Bill

March 29, 2010 by  

$1 Trillion Dollar Bill

A Pedophile Christian Tried To Lure Me Into His Church Van With $1 Trillion

    I don’t have a problem with religion, cults or secret societies. What I DO have a problem with are followers of these groups that assume I know less than them. I’m actually really smart, and I have some theological study under my belt, so that is why I KNOW (not believe) that religion is just a fairy tale, with a moral to the story.

    Some douchebag bible thumper actually tried to entice me into a conversation with this $1 trillion bill. Later, I checked the website printed on the fake money, and saw that Living Waters sells these fake bills in tracts of 100 for 5 real dollars. Mixing religion with capitalism seems by printing fake money and selling it for REAL money seems kind of sketchy to me. They don’t have Obama on the bills anymore, they have Abraham Lincoln instead, probably to play off the “Honest Abe” thing because the first question on the back of the bill is, “Have you ever told a lie, stolen anything or used God’s name in vain”?Where in the bible is that activity condoned? I don’t think it is.

    This guy approached me and asked if I had received my stimulus money yet? I just looked at him, so he said that he got his, at which point he handed me the $1 trillion Obama bill you see above. HE said the trillion dollar question is: Will I would go to heaven when I die. I said I didn’t know. His body language instantly became nothing short of rubbing his hands together while doing the happy dance. Once he composed himself he tried to ask me so typical, railroading questions so I shooed him away. My message to people like this and the organizations that spawn them is simple: Stop doing what you are doing because you are the telemarketers of the analog world; your questions force answers and you try to make it seem like we have a rapport. Your gimmicks like the $1 trillion bill only work on stupid people, and stupid people are what you need to be a part a group like yours. Next time don’t ruin the afterglow of my Bob’s Big Boy meal, just move along. Cheers!


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