Meet Me In Indy At Technomania Circus

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Meet Me In Indy at Technomania Circus

Fox Colton, Michael Loyd, Dr. Techno and Nik Slavicek

    Technomania Circus produced and performed an all original musical play earlier this summer titled, “Meet Me In Indy.” It was written by Fox Colton and starred the entire cast. For those of you that don’t know, Technomania Circus is located at 2558 Imperial Ave. in the Logan Heights district of San Diego. Personally, I’ve been going to their shows for over four years and photos from the first shows I attended were among the first articles I posted on my blog. So for me, this troupe is an integral part of my blogging and photographic career.

Fyre and Michael Loyd At Technomania Circus

Michael Loyd and Fyre

    Of course you can’t have a musical without music, singing and dancing so this play had them all. The premise was all about the unique people and weird laws that exist in the great state of Indiana. There was also some cock fighting and fried chicken that, because it was made with methamphetamine, caused people to scream out as if they had Tourette syndrome and become addicted to the chicken. Not a bad business model if you ask me!

Meet Me In Indy at Technomania Circus

Tourette Syndrome Chicken

    The characters, costumes, music and scenarios that come out in a Technomania Circus show are always different from one show to the next. That is part of the amazing appeal of each performance. Dr. Techno and his troupe will involve the audience, sometimes they will serve bacon and other times bring people up on stage. This is definitely a venue where, “the more the merrier” is a very real thing. When you arrive for a show, be prepared to cheer, yell and scream, boo and hiss and applaud like your life depended on it!

Meet Me In Indy at Technomania Circus

Fox Colton – Writer Of “Meet Me In Indy”

    Meet Me In Indy also featured a couple of gunfights and tragically, the proprietor of the methamphetamine chicken store was one of the casualties. Guitar player and writer of the play Fox Colton laments the demise of his culinary friend.

Manda As God At Technomania Circus

Manda As God

    God made an appearance at the end of the show as well. I suppose she was there the entire time but as we all know, God shows up when we least expect it. Their next show will be on November 1st and it will be a Zombie themed show. It will be funny and scary but most of all, it will be a good time. Below is some video from the show. Cheers!


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