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August 26, 2009 by  

Colored Spider

Spider Of Color

Film Grain Makes The Spider Purr

The first thing that happened was a spider, and it happened on film instead of a digital sensor.  Shut up!  All of you!  The grain of this photo has grit and depth.  The sacrificed detail that digital promises is cast aside by the the infinite mass that film provides.

filmperson The grain from the spider above reminded me of a photograph I took back in 1972, almost two full years before I was born.

The thing was that despite being within a few feet of the chain link fence that kept a Tyrannosaurus Rex out of the populated areas of South Bay, California, my boldly colored friend here cared ONLY about his iPhone.

Really?  In 1972 after purchasing a hat with colors like this and personally selecting bracelets for BOTH wrists, the only thing of interest is what you can find on your iPhone?

After such a realization as that, you can understand I would almost miss what happened after that.  A meal on the GFG that resulted in a rare photo-op of a food and a continent.

I swear the chicken sandwich below is real.

Australia Chicken Sandwich

Australia Was Consumed In California

        The spicy chicken sandwich is the best sandwich and use of chicken ever developed by humans on this planet. It was so random that I cooked an Australian chicken sandwich on my Foreman Grill, but I would have cooked this criminal populated continent in the oven too.


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