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Who Do you Think You Are?

With the calm and coolness of a man about to commit murder, this guy taunted the leaf before smashing it under his foot.  There was nothing I could do, because I really didn’t care if he smashed the leaf or not.  What I did care about was ensuring the final moments of this leaf would be recorded by me, so that no one could accuse me of fabricating these particular events.

The unmarked grave, somewhere near the Mexican border this leaf is now resting in will one day become a sacred and hallowed place, but until that time, it will just have to be a field behind an empty warehouse.


One day, this leaf will join it’s carbon family, and may become oil itself, or might become a part OF the oil, like his bottled friends to the right.  Either way, they will say that it went before it’s time.  It was sent to whatever is next through an act of murder.  Distraught over the loss of their friend, most of the other trees in the area threw their leaves to the ground that fall…  All except the pine trees, who didn’t seem to care at all.


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