My Short Bucket List

December 31, 2014 by  

    I’m busting out a quick post to tell you that I have a bucket list. When I was a kid, the term “bucket list” did not exist. There were only things that we wanted to do and places we wanted to go before we died. Since then, Hollywood has told us to make a list of things we want to do before we kick the bucket; hence the term, bucket list.

    As I write this, I have less than one hour until 2015 crashes in so I have to be quick.
This is a very short list of some things I want to do before I die. It is not the complete list, just a few of them:

    1. Learn to use a bullwhip like Indiana Jones.

    2. Learn Spanish. Something I should have done whilst living in San Diego for 8 years.

    3. Go to Greece.

    4. Skydive.

    5. Learn to use a sword in the style of a light saber. Yeah, Star Wars is the greatest movie ever made.

    6. Write a novel.

    7. Write a screenplay.

    8. Publish all the photos on my blog into a book with paper pages.

    9. Get back on a motorcycle.

    10. Learn to fly a helicopter.

    11. Make a movie about my experience in Alaska.

    That’s it. Eleven things I want to do that I’m sharing with the world before the new year. Cheers!


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