My Top Ten Favorite Websites

November 27, 2010 by  

        1. eBay – Because selling things online has been my bread and butter since 2002. If I want to sell or buy anything, eBay is the yardstick I use to determine an objects worth. eBay is my 24/7 personal convenience store that makes the internet profitable and legitimate.

        2. Twitter – My personal vice, aside from my personal website, The World Is Raw. Follow me on Twitter for updates on my blog, my world and my life.

        3. Photography Is Not A Crime – Back on September 5, 2009 I filmed San Diego trolley security guards as they tackled and arrested a man for smoking inside the 12th & Imperial transit station. Ultimately, the guards told me (on camera) that I was not allowed to take pictures in that particular public space. I shopped my video around so NBC picked it up at aired the story, along with an apology by then Heritage Security CEO Ken Moller. This event lead me to Carlos Miller’s website Photography Is Not A Crime, which is an aggregate of instances where photographers are harassed, detained and imprisoned for doing nothing more than engaging in photography in a public place.

        4. Photo Attorney – Great resource for photographers that are facing legal trouble or want to know what to do if they engage in an activity that may land them in legal trouble.

        5. Mark J. Rebilas’s Blog – Mark is a sports and action photographer that has a life I wish I had. He jet-sets around the country shooting things that travel at least 200MPH, and makes money doing it. He is a photographer that is known ONLY for his photography and nothing else. He doesn’t host podcasts, seminars, workshops or dinners. He just makes incredible photography.

        6. New York Portraits– This is a blog that does something I would eventually like to do. The photographer of this blog lives in Brooklyn and she takes and at least one photo per day in one of the five boroughs of New York and blogs about it. What I really like about this blog is that the photographer fearlessly shoots people candidly.

        7. Digital Photography School – No matter what you think your skill level of photography is, this site has information that will make your next photo-shoot better.

        8. America’s Test Kitchen – If you cook your own food, if you want to know the best way to make ANYTHING, if you live in a place that has an oven, burners, or a microwave, you should spend time looking over their website. They test and rate everything they buy, everything they cook and everything they present, so we get nothing but succinct, perfect recipes to create at home.

        9. Wikileaks – I really can’t believe this is a website I didn’t create. Wikileaks is everything I never knew I always wanted to do. I discovered the site in the wake of the Bradley Manning incident. As an ex-military person that served in the United States Navy in the age BEFORE the internet, I was made to take part in things that were immoral and illegal, and then made to lie about it. In the pre-internet days, that’s as far as criminal activity by the military would go because there was no way to tell the world. Now the internet and Wikileaks has American generals and politicians shaking like little girls during a thunderstorm. Why? Because now they can be held accountable. Thanks to Wikileaks having the balls to publish crimes committed by American military personnel at the behest of our American politicians, the playing field has been leveled, so the rest of us can play now too. Ultimate democracy.

        10. Netflix – I hate TV, the news, commercials, sitcoms and the film industry, but I like movies. So, I don’t go to the theater, watch privacy invading TV shows or listen to anything network TV has to tell me. Netflix allows me to watch movies without interacting with or paying money to the people that created it. It’s not that I don’t think they’re due, but they are millionaires that live in paid for mansions, so they don’t need my money.


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