Occupy San Diego Is Dead

November 9, 2013 by  


Occupy San Diego On It’s Deathbed

    Back in December 2011 I photographed Civic Center Plaza in downtown San Diego because the Occupy San Diego movement was going on and according to what I had read online, it was a force to be reckoned with. Not so much. At the time I predicted that the movement would be dead by the beginning of the New Year. It did in fact die. The photos for this post were taken on January 9, 2012. This was less than two weeks after my initial post and as you can see, nothing was happening.

Occupy San Diego General Assembly

Goodnight And Good Luck

    I’m not knocking the occupy movement but I am saying that it didn’t accomplish a damn thing. They should learn from two other organizations that always get what they want; the NRA and the AARP. There are never any marches, rallies or sit-ins for these two groups. You never see a gang of people with guns marching down Main Street any more than you see senior citizens shuffling down the road demanding an increase in their benefits. Why? Because the have the brains to know that marching does not accomplish a damn thing. They organize and vote! All you natural born citizens that stupidly wonder why your government can’t get 12 million illegal aliens out of your country is because their family members vote. All you do is complain about foreigners at a booth at Denny’s as you eat a meal made by the people you don’t want in your country!


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