Planet Sub is Open in Denver

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Planet Sub In Denver

Lunch Rush At Planet Sub

    Three weeks ago I told you about the new Planet Sub in Denver and how I was fortunate enough to be hired and help open the store. A lot has happened and been learned in that time so I’d like to present this update and some fresh photos of the joint that has become my home away from home. This is the place where 10 people gelled together to open the new leading sub shop in Denver; we have become a family forged in the fire of lunch rushes and bread machines.

Planet Sub Denver Lobby

The Lobby Of Planet Sub

    The difference between then and now is the number of people walking through the door. We make great sandwiches and people figured that out right away. Good things are spread by word of mouth so make no mistake; Planet Sub is the new force to be reckoned with Downtown Denver.

Inside Planet Sub In Denver

The View From The Mezzanine

    The rushes at lunch and dinner create a line that allows you time to thoroughly absorb our menu. We want you to get exactly what you want. Whatever you see on the menu can be modified to your specific taste. You can also create your own sandwich if you like. I personally like the Smoky Southwest Chicken without lettuce or tomato; just chicken, chipotle sauce and cheddar cheese.

Planet Sub Denver Customers

Customers In Line At Planet Sub

    Planet Sub is an experience so your sandwich will be made by hand, toasted and placed on your table or presented to you in a bag if your sub is to go. We also have bottled and fountain drinks, chips, cookies and a butterscotch crispy rice treat with chocolate on top that we call, scotcheroo.

Planet Sub Denver Registers

The Menu And Registers of Planet Sub

    I’m having a great time working there and have enjoyed watching a new business launch in my hometown. I like working in Downtown Denver and with any bit of luck I’ll be living there before too long. After being away for eight years, it feels so good to be back home.

Outside Planet Sub In Denver

Outside Planet Sub

    Anyway, I just want all you loyal readers to know that I’m doing well and have assimilated back into Denver. Working at Planet Sub and getting to know my fellow employees has helped expedite that process. It’s very nice to look forward to going to work. Cheers!


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