Plumber Welds Copper Pipe, Replaces Kitchen Sink, Tub & Shower Fixtures

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Plumber Solders Shower Fixture Bath Tub Spout

Plumber Solders Copper Pipe For New Bath Tub Spout

        I recently spent about 5 hours assisting a plumber replace my kitchen sink as well as the fixtures in the shower and bathtub. Both faucets were leaking, which is something that is just not tolerated out here in San Diego. We are nestled right between the best are in California and the largest desert in the country so we are very aware of what is going on with our water.

Plumber Under Sink Replaces Kitchen Faucet

The Kitchen Faucet Gets A Makeover

        Now my place is drip-free, sporting shiny new fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen. The video below shows the plumber soldering copper pipe for the new bath tub spout ans some other highlights of the experience. Cheers!


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  1. Scott Webster on April 23rd, 2011 8:03 am

    Great that you had a pro helping you out. I'm sure everyone who has gone through the process on their own has felt the frustration. Paying a pro can be pricey at times, but usually worth it in the end…

    Scott Webster

    for Chaput Rootmaster, Denver Emergency Plumbing

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