Road Trip From San Diego To Denver

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Uhaul Trailer In Imperial Beach

Uhaul Waiting For The Road Trip To Begin

    I have lived in San Diego for eight years and I have enjoyed it immensely. I spent my first five years in East County in the town of La Mesa and the last three years in South Bay in the country’s most southwestern city, Imperial Beach. The weather, the people, the beach, and having the magnificent Pacific Ocean practically on tap made living there a joy that I will not soon forget. Alas, the job market out there had been kicking my ass for over two years so after much internal debate, I’ve moved away and landed back in my hometown of Denver, Colorado. I’ve been back in Denver for four days and while I’m not happy to be arriving here at the onset of winter, I’m very happy to be back amongst my family and old friends.

    I had been somewhat isolated in San Diego and on top of that I was living in a somewhat isolated area of San Diego. The area of Imperial Beach I lived in was right next to Bayshore Bikeway so I had an easy three mile ride to Silver Strand and an equally easy nine mile ride to Coronado which I frequently did on my inline skates or bicycle. The beach and the weekly Farmers Market were a very pleasant 10 minute ride from my place and were usually the highlight of my week. All those things kept me here, hoping that my next big break was right around the corner but it finally seemed that I run out of corners so I had ultimately decided to leave. As I would be taking all my stuff and a few items of furniture with me, this would be an escape made by road. As is usually the case with moving road trips, a trailer from Uhaul is needed, so above you see the trailer that would hold everything I own on a two day journey that would cover almost 1100 miles.

Bonnie and Clyde Death Car At Whiskey Pete's

Bonnie And Clyde Death Car

    This was not a “stop and smell the roses” kind of trip but it wasn’t the Cannonball Run either. My awesome parents drove to Imperial Beach from Denver to get me so it was their vehicle the Uhaul was attached to. Our route would take us out of California through the southern tip of Nevada, clipping the extreme northwest corner of Arizona, plunging straight into Utah where we would meet up with Interstate Highway 70 which is the highway that would lead us west, straight into Denver, Colorado.

Bonnie and Clyde Death Car

Bonnie And Clyde Death Car In Whiskey Pete’s Casino

    One place we did stop on our first day was in Primm, Nevada so we could take a look at the original Bonnie and Clyde death car. It is sitting inside Whiskey Pete’s Casino behind a glass enclosure. As I was a bit bummed about moving, I hadn’t even touched my camera until this point so it was nice to get out of the car and take a few photos. The glass made it difficult to get great shots but in all honesty, it is something that is more fun to look at than to try to photograph. This would be the only stop we would make other than to get gas or to sleep for the remainder of the trip.

Front Hoe On A Steep Hill

Front Hoe On A Steep Hill

    After our stop to see the Bonnie and Clyde death car, we continued northeast and stayed the night in Cedar City, Utah. When we got back on the road the next morning I was feeling much more upbeat and the joy of being back in Denver was beginning to overcome my sadness of leaving San Diego. As such, I wanted take more photos so I had my camera at the ready most of the day. Utah is full of natural wonder and HUGE canyons and cliffs. We were all rather anxious to get to Denver so we didn’t stop at any of the scenic places; I merely shot them from the moving car.

Plowed Field Seen From A Moving Car

A Plowed Field And A Blue Sky

    It takes about two and a half hours to fly from San Diego to Denver and about 16 hours of actual road time to drive there. I know airports can be a real pain but the speed of an airplane is very convenient. However, road trips are the original way that people went on trips. You sacrifice seeing the land in order to have speed if you fly. It can be difficult to embrace America if all you see of it when you travel are crowded airports or mountains from 35,000 feet in the air.

Red Rock Cliffs

Red Rock Cliffs

    With the exception of the hilarious 1980 movie, “Airplane!” not many other great things have been created that revolve around airplanes. Take it easy! I know fighter jets are cool and aerial photography has changed the world; what I mean is that people tend to come up with great things whilst on the ground. Just imagine what “On The Road” by Jack Kerouac would have been like if he had written it while traveling on airplanes and named it, “In The Air” instead? Or what if Hell’s Angels were an outlaw airplane gang? Hunter S. Thompson would never have been able to write, “Hell’s Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.” If Isaac Newton had been sitting back in coach on a flight to London he may never have seen the apple fall. See what I mean? Any eureka moments you will have will probably not come to you until you get off the plane but on a road trip, you may have one as you travel.

Utah Canyons

Canyons In Utah

    These are the things you think about when you are on a road trip. You can see just how big our world is so you begin to have big thoughts. When you are on an airplane all you’ll really think about is how small it is so your thoughts for the duration of the flight will be small. I’m not saying there have never been eureka moments on a plane, I’m saying they are much more likely to happen if you are able to experience travel from the ground. After you conclude your road trip and get settled in to wherever it is you need to be, give yourself some respite by walking or riding your bike without a destination in mind.

Runaway Truck Ramp Sign Eastbound I70

Runaway Truck Ramp Sign On EastboundI-70

    After two days, five states and hundreds of miles, we began to see runaway truck ramps on westbound I-70. That meant that we were over the Continental Divide and on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains. In other words, it would be all downhill from here. The sun was already set when we got to The Eisenhower Tunnel so 45 minutes later when we emerged from the foothills, the Denver skyline was twinkling out at us from the darkness. We made it! I am really looking forward to writing and posting photos for The World Is Raw from out here. In the four days I’ve been here things have already started looking up and I’m very excited to assimilate back into Denver and Colorado. Cheers!


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  1. British Traveler on December 25th, 2013 1:34 am

    You have described very well for the road trip, is their rail route for this direction? I have never visited US but will be in future.
    Traveling on cycle is my best experience to do for long distance but don’t know about San Diego

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