San Diego Needs Me To Take More Pictures

February 17, 2010 by  

Construction In La Mesa, CA 2010

Chop Chop Dig Dig

        As you see at the lower right of the photo above, terra cotta pipe is being dug up for something a little more 21st century. This area of La Mesa, CA was constructed in the 1950’s, and is very hilly and densely populated.

Spraying For Nothing

Just A Random Group Of Men In The Desert North Of Tijuana

        I have no idea what these men, dressed in HAZMAT attire were doing out here. My companion at the time remarked that it was like a scene from the end of the movie “E.T.” We were just wandering around the desert when these guys showed up. What the hell are they doing?

Construction In La Mesa, CA 2010

Still Chopping Still Digging

        Out of a 24 hour day, 13 of those hours have me dealing with my job as a photographer. Incredibly enough, this timetable is hindering my personal photography. I am starting to realize that being paid to partake in photography for 9 hours per day is 9 hours LESS that I have for UNPAID, personal photography per day. Couple this statistic with an UPSTAIRS manager that knows nothing about what I do or the business that I’m in, and a DOWNSTAIRS manager that for some reason, despite being the REAL boss doesn’t do what is best, I am dying.


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